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Les fonctionnaires internationaux (Volume 41)

(22,303 words)

Author(s): Gascon Y Marin, José
Gascon Y Marin, José Keywords: International civil servants | Mots clefs: Fonctionnaires internationaux | ABSTRACT After a general presentation of international civil servants in 1932, Jose Gascon Y Marin studies the legal nature of the relationship between administration and international civil servant. He then focuses on the birth of legal relationship, laws and duties of international civil servants, and on the legal guarantees which are offered to them. Après une présentation générale de ce que sont les fonctionnaires internationaux en 1932, José Gascon y Ma…

Status and Independence of the International Civil Servant (Volume 167)

(40,554 words)

Author(s): Meron, T.
Meron, T. Keywords: International civil servants | Mots clefs: Fonctionnaires internationaux | ABSTRACT T. Meron, Professor at the New York School of Law, devotes his course to developments and factors affecting the status and independence of international civil servants. The author strongly believes that unbiased, independent, and effective international civil servants are essential for proper functioning of intergovernmental organizations and the achievement of their principles and objectives. After a stud…

Applicable Law in Relations between Intergovernmental Organizations and Private Parties (Volume 122)

(71,874 words)

Author(s): Seyersted, Finn
Seyersted, Finn Keywords: International organizations | Non-State actoRelations | Choice of law | International civil servants | Individuals | Nongovernmental organizations | Mots clefs: Organisations internationales | Entités non-étatiques | Relations | Choix de la loi applicable | Fonctionnaires internationaux | Individus | Organisations non-gouvernementales | ABSTRACT According to Finn Seyersted, there exists a common law for international organizations at three levels of relationships: the internal level, the international level, and the…

Recrutement et carrière des fonctionnaires internationaux (Volume 204)

(94,270 words)

Author(s): Bettati, Mario
Bettati, Mario Keywords: International civil servants | Mots clefs: Fonctionnaires internationaux | ABSTRACT Mario Bettati, Dean of the Paris-Sud Law Faculty, points out that the complex web of existing international organizations requires first of all an attempt to draw a general picture of the disparate systems of public offices (Chapter I). On the basis of the fundamental concepts, the objective of the study of recruitment, which is still dependent on the will of the member State (Chapter II), is to deter…