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Foreign law in national courts: A comparative perspective (Volume 304)

(80,082 words)

Author(s): Jänterä-Jareborg, Maarit
Jänterä-Jareborg, Maarit Keywords: Municipal courts | Foreign law | Choice of law | Private international law | Mots clefs: Juridiction nationale | Droit étranger | Choix de la loi applicable | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT In this course on comparative private international law, Professor Maarit Jänteä-Jareborg of the University of Uppsala tackles the question of the application of foreign law in national courts. In the first part of the course, Professor Jänteä-Jareborg presents various old and new theories concerning the…

L’exception d’ordre public et la régularité substantielle internationale de la loi étrangère (Volume 371)

(52,516 words)

Author(s): de Vareilles-Sommières, Pascal
de Vareilles-Sommières, Pascal Keywords: Foreign law | Law of public order | Private international law | Conflict of laws | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT This course is devoted to the public order exception, and first, to the construction of the paradigm of international substantive regularity. The notions relating to the public policy exception and the regularity of foreign law are approached from the perspective of private international law. This course is divided into a first part on the international regularity of foreign …

Problèmes relatifs à l’application du droit étranger (Volume 106)

(31,893 words)

Author(s): Kamil Yasseen, Mustafa
Kamil Yasseen, Mustafa Keywords: Private international law | Foreign law | Law enforcement | Mots clefs: Droit international privé | Droit étranger | Application du droit | ABSTRACT Mustafa Kamil Yasseen explains in the introduction to his course that the problems of the application of foreign law are not solved everywhere in the same way, which is, moreover, often in the same state, the solutions of the jurisprudence on this issue lack coherence and do not always seem to be dominated by a fundamental guiding idea. Perhaps…