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Migrations et relations familiales (Volume 345)

(153,670 words)

Author(s): Meziou, Kalthoum
Meziou, Kalthoum Keywords: European Union | Migration | Family life | Immigration | Foreign workeFamily reunion | Human rights | Domestic relations | France | Maghreb | Family law | Islamic law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT The "conflict of civilizations" conveys a globalized and fixed vision of the Muslim world and conceals the changes that have affected, to varying degrees, family law, particularly in the Maghreb. The theme, revisited through family relations in the context of Euro-Maghreb migration, must be surpassed. The focus on fun…

Le droit de la guerre dans l’œuvre des capitaines français du XVIe siècle (Volume 72)

(49,847 words)

Author(s): Gardot, André
Gardot, André Keywords: France | Laws of war | International humanitarian law | Mots clefs: France | Droit de la guerre | ABSTRACT Andre Gardot devotes his study to the law of war as understood by French captains of the 16th century. After an initial presentation of these people and their works, the author focuses on the issues that arise before the war, next on the issues that arise during hostilities, and of course on the issues that arise after hostilities. The last chapter focuses on the establishment of filiations and relations between the fundamental ideas of the sponsors. André Gardot …

La Révolution de 1848 et le droit international (Volume 72)

(36,188 words)

Author(s): Bastid, Paul
Bastid, Paul Keywords: France | Revolutions | 1848 | International law | Human rights | Mots clefs: France | Révolutions | 1848 | Droit international | Droits de l homme | ABSTRACT According to Paul Bastid, although not as important as the date of 1789, the date of 1848 can only be compared to it for the importance of its repercussions in the field of relations between States. In a first chapter, the author analyzes the elements of problems in the international order due to the 1848 Revolution. He then examines its action in t…

Le mandat de la France sur la Syrie et le Liban (son application en droit international public et privé) (Volume 43)

(38,863 words)

Author(s): Cardahi, Choucri
Cardahi, Choucri Keywords: France | Lebanon | Mandate | Syria | Mots clefs: France | Liban | Mandats | Syrie | ABSTRACT After an introduction dedicated to the particularities of the country and the environment that the mandate should govern, Choucri Cardahi studies the mandate from the standpoint of public international law and, in this frame, studies the obligations imposed on the Lebanese-Syrian representative, on international relationships, and on the responsibility of mandatory power. In the second part, the aut…

La Révolution Française et le Droit International actuel. Conférence prononcée le 25 juillet 1989 (Volume 214)

(5,489 words)

Author(s): Dupuy, René-Jean
Dupuy, René-Jean Keywords: France | Revolutions | Public international law | Mots clefs: France | Révolutions | Droit international public | ABSTRACT In this conference devoted to the French Revolution in its relations with contemporary international law, Rene-Jean Dupuy, Professor at the College de France, is interested on one hand in revolutionary universalism (Universal Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen and pacifist ideology) and on the other hand in nationalism (sovereignty of the nation-state and r…