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Les frontières de l’air (Volume 86)

(25,558 words)

Author(s): De Geouffre de La Pradelle, Paul
De Geouffre de La Pradelle, Paul Keywords: Airspace | Borde | Mots clefs: Espace aérien | Frontières | ABSTRACT In this course, Paul Geouffre de la Pradelle works at a twofold goal: to denounce respectively the imperfections and disadvantages of a rigorous application of the border system to aeronautics. To point out the made efforts to free the air communications from the inconveniences imposed on them by sovereignties in this manner and to explain the reasons of law, justice and peace that recommend their extens…

Problems of Boundaries and Security in the Helsinki Declaration (Volume 154)

(13,114 words)

Author(s): Movchan, A.
Movchan, A. Keywords: Acte final d'Helsinki | BordeEuropean security | Mots clefs: Acte final de la Conférence sur la sécurité et la coopération en Europe (Helsinki, 1 août 1975) | Frontières | Sécurité européenne | ABSTRACT A. Movchan points out in the introduction to his course that Helsinki declaration includes the principle of inviolability of boundaries. As this principle is approved, the mission of participating States is to ensure that it takes root in contemporary international relations and becomes, with the other princip…

La médiation pontificale dans l’affaire du canal Beagle (Volume 242)

(80,942 words)

Author(s): R. Moncayo, Guillermo
R. Moncayo, Guillermo Keywords: Argentina | Chile | Borders | Delimitation | Holy See | Beagle Channel | Alternative dispute resolution | Mots clefs: Argentine | Chili | Frontières | Délimitation | Saint-Siège | Canal de Beagle | Médiation | ABSTRACT Guillermo Moncayo, Professor at the University of Buenos Aires, reminds us of a series of events towards the end of 1978 that led to such a serious situation that a war between Argentinia and Chile seemed inevitable. The intervention of the Holy See succeeded however in preventing the conf…

Les frontières étude de géographie politique (Volume 55)

(28,942 words)

Author(s): Ancel, Jacques
Ancel, Jacques Keywords: BordeGeopolitics | Mots clefs: Frontières | Géographie politique | ABSTRACT Jacques Ancel points out in the introduction to his course that the geography of the borders is just an aspect of political geography. He devotes the first chapter of his course to a presentation of the method of the geography of borders, and particularly distinguishes the hampered States from the supervised States. In the next chapter, he focuses on Germany as an illustration of a certain research of equilib…

Les différends internationaux concernant les frontières terrestres dans la jurisprudence de la cour internationale de Justice (Volume 343)

(222,335 words)

Author(s): Abou-El-Wafa, Ahmed
Abou-El-Wafa, Ahmed Keywords: International Court of Justice | Borde | Delimitation | Case-law | Mots clefs: Cour internationale de Justice | Frontières | Délimitation | Jurisprudence | ABSTRACT The course is divided into two parts. Part I discusses the ICJ and the settlement of disputes over land borders of which the author focuses mainly on the concept of the land border dispute and the applicable principles for its resolution, as well as the role of the court in this regard. Part II discusses the ICJ and the main proble…

Les problèmes territoriaux dans la jurisprudence de la Cour internationale de Justice (Volume 107)

(44,127 words)

Author(s): Bastid, Suzanne
Bastid, Suzanne Keywords: International Court of Justice | Territory | Borders | Delimitation | Mots clefs: Cour internationale de Justice | Territoire | Frontières | Délimitation | ABSTRACT The aim of Suzanne Bastid’s course is to study the judgments and opinions of the International Court of Justice concerning territorial problems with the exception of the problems related to the International Law of the Sea. The author successively examines the cases in which the scope of the territorial sovereignty of the State was def…

Les frontières terrestres et la relativité de leur tracé (Problèmes juridiques choisis) (Volume 153)

(70,219 words)

Author(s): Bardonnet, Daniel
Bardonnet, Daniel Keywords: Borde | Delimitation | Mots clefs: Frontières | Délimitation | ABSTRACT Daniel Bardonnet recalls in the introduction to his course the proliferation of border disputes in the late seventies and early eighties. This proliferation is due to the convergence of root causes such as the break-up of ideological blocs or the post-colonial resurgence of nationalism and immediate causes such as the perspective of discovery of mineral resources in a disputed border zone. The idea of borders, …

The Problems of the Frontiers of Outer Space and Air Space (Volume 174)

(14,944 words)

Author(s): Goedhuis, D.
Goedhuis, D. Keywords: Space | Borders | Delimitation | Mots clefs: Espace cosmique | Frontières | Délimitation | ABSTRACT In this course, Daniel Goedhuis, Professor at the University of Leiden, presents the main problems related to space and air law. After an introduction to the divergent interpretations of the legal regimes governing sky and space that came into force in the 1970s, and to various conventions in these fields, the author focuses on the delimitation of sky and space. Dans ce cours, Daniel Goedhuis, professeur à l'Université de Leyde, présente les principaux…

La nature juridique du territoire (Volume 30)

(38,799 words)

Author(s): Schoenborn, W.
Schoenborn, W. Keywords: Territory | International law | Borde | Mots clefs: Territoire | Droit international | Frontières | ABSTRACT Walter Schoenborn studies, in his course on the Legal Nature of the Territory, three groups of issues: the interpretations of the legal nature of the territory of the State which prevailed in the main periods of the development of the law of nations; the legal interpretation of the concept of "territory of the State", and the development of conceptions related to the boundaries of th…