Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law


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Les conventions entre belligérants (Volume 75)

(29,633 words)

Author(s): Monaco, Riccardo
Monaco, Riccardo Keywords: WaTreaties | Cease-fire | Capitulations | Mots clefs: Guerres | Traités | Armistice | Capitulation | ABSTRACT The issue of the Conventions between Belligerents, notes Riccardo Monaco in the introduction to his course, falls under the law of the war. The author begins his course with a study of the general characteristics of conventions between belligerents. The author then studies the various conventions between belligerents. The author devotes the last chapter of his course to the application of conventions between belligerents. La question des conve…

Les effets de la guerre sur les traités (Volume 59)

(18,454 words)

Author(s): D. Mc Nair, Arnold
D. Mc Nair, Arnold Keywords: Wars | Treaties | Mots clefs: Guerres | Traités | ABSTRACT Arnold Mc Nair proposes to dedicate his course to the research and collection of materials in the form of judgments and diplomatic controversies rather than the discussion of theories. After a historical overview and preliminary observations, he thus successively studies the different categories of treaties which can, besides, overlap: the treaties relating to permanent laws, the treaties conferring rights of extraterritoria…

Le problème de la mise de la guerre hors la loi (Volume 24)

(61,110 words)

Author(s): Wehberg, Hans
Wehberg, Hans Keywords: WaLegality | Mots clefs: Guerres | Légalité | ABSTRACT Hans Wehberg devotes his course to the issue of the outlawing of war, the war being declared illegal. Following a presentation of a historical overview of the issue, the author focuses on the discussions of the policy relative to the issue. He thus addresses the issue of the outlawing of war in connection with the problem of peace. He then examines the specific aspects of the prohibition of war (war as an instrument of policy, th…

Les formes de cessation de l’état de guerre en droit international (Volume 149)

(21,607 words)

Author(s): Klafkowski, Alfons
Klafkowski, Alfons Keywords: WaPeace | Treaties | Mots clefs: Guerres | Paix | Traités | ABSTRACT In the introduction to his course, Alfons Klafkowski raises the following questions: principle-based technique of organizing peace and international security is increasingly linked to international law, how does the question of the end of the state of war arises in international law, is the question regulated, and if so how and by whom? In order to answer these questions, the author presents the concept of state of…