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Le statut et les fonctions des consuls (Volume 106)

(48,594 words)

Author(s): Žourek, Jaroslav
Žourek, Jaroslav Keywords: Consuls and consular jurisdiction | Consuls | Diplomatic and consular immunities | Mots clefs: Consuls et juridiction consulaire | Consuls | Immunités diplomatiques et consulaires | ABSTRACT In his course, Jaroslav Zourek examines the main problems related to the statute and function of consuls and advocates solutions. After presenting a historical overview of consular functions, the author examines the functions of career consuls under contemporary international law. He then reviews the legal char…

Les immunités diplomatiques (Volume 12)

(43,030 words)

Author(s): Cecil Hurst, G. C. M. G., K. C. B., Sir
Cecil Hurst, G. C. M. G., K. C. B., Sir Keywords: Diplomatic and consular immunities | Mots clefs: Immunités diplomatiques et consulaires | ABSTRACT Sir Cecil Hurst devotes this course to the study of the modern practice (in 1926) of States in the protection of diplomatic agents. After a reminder of the recent origin of the fixed embassies, the author examines the issue of the legal basis of diplomatic immunities and of the persons entitled to diplomatic immunity. The author then focuses on the exemption from criminal …

L’exterritorialité et ses principales applications (Volume 1)

(25,459 words)

Author(s): Strisower, Leo
Strisower, Leo Keywords: Diplomates | Diplomatic and consular immunities | Heads of State and Heads of government | Sovereign immunities | Armed forces | Warships | Mots clefs: Agents diplomatiques | Immunités diplomatiques et consulaires | Chefs d Etats | Immunités judiciaires | Forces armées | Navires de guerre | ABSTRACT Leo Strisower begins his course with a presentation of the concept of extraterritoriality. The author then focuses on the extraterritoriality of diplomatic agents and their retinue: on general principles, on immunities includ…

Immunities of Foreign States before National Authorities (Volume 149)

(47,258 words)

Author(s): Sucharitkul, Sompong
Sucharitkul, Sompong Keywords: Sovereign immunities | Mots clefs: Etats | Immunités diplomatiques et consulaires | Droit international public | Juridiction | ABSTRACT The objective of Sompong Sucharitkul’s course on the Immunities of Foreign States Before National Authorities is to examine the exact nature and scope of immunity of States from a purely legal and analytical perspective, with some references to historic developments. To do this, the author presents a legal analysis of immunity of foreign States as well …

Les relations et immunités diplomatiques (Volume 100)

(45,531 words)

Author(s): Giuliano, Mario
Giuliano, Mario Keywords: Diplomatic and consular immunities | Mots clefs: Immunités diplomatiques et consulaires | ABSTRACT Mario Giuliano devotes his course to the systematization and analysis of the most important rules of common international law, which governs the execution of the permanent diplomatic mission of a State on the territory of another State in peacetime. The author classifies the many rules of common international law regarding the execution of the diplomatic mission according to whether they …