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L’immunité de juridiction des États et des organisations internationales (Volume 84)

(65,039 words)

Author(s): Lalive, J.-F.
Lalive, J.-F. Keywords: International organizations | Sovereign immunities | Mots clefs: Organisations internationales | Immunités judiciaires | ABSTRACT Jean-Flavien Lalive points out that an extremely vast subject of the jurisdictional immunity of States is both annoying and fascinating. It is annoying because it has been a source of considerable confusion and misunderstanding on the part of the domestic courts. But it is fascinating for the lawyer because it makes him discover a situation in a completed course…

The Law of Sovereign Immunity. Recent Developments (Volume 167)

(67,610 words)

Author(s): Ian Sinclair, Sir
Ian Sinclair, Sir Keywords: Sovereign immunities | Mots clefs: Immunités judiciaires | ABSTRACT In this course, Sir I. Sinclair focuses on recent developments in the field of sovereign immunities. After a presentation of the history and codification efforts of sovereign immunities, the author carefully analyzes the modern jurisprudence of several States (Great Britain, United States, France, Italy, Federal Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and India). He proceeds to an analysis of th…

Controversial Aspects of Sovereign Immunity in the Case law of Some States (Volume 132)

(69,799 words)

Author(s): C. H. Dunbar, N.
C. H. Dunbar, N. Keywords: Sovereign immunitiesc | Private international law | Mots clefs: Immunités judiciaires | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT N.C.H. Dunbar states at the beginning of his course that the times are propitious (in 1971) for a fundamental reassessment of the legal and diplomatic principles relating to the doctrine of State immunity, and intends to contribute to this update as a part of the course. After a presentation of the Belgian and French case law (and the case law of other States) on the …

Compétence ou incompétence des tribunaux à l’égard des États étrangers (Volume 1)

(11,490 words)

Author(s): Weiss, André
Weiss, André Keywords: Heads of State and Heads of government | Sovereign immunities | Mots clefs: Chefs d Etats | Immunités judiciaires | ABSTRACT In this course, Andre Weiss deals with the Competence and Incompetence of Courts With Respect to Foreign States, namely disputes that may arise between these states and individuals in personal and real property matters. To study these issues, the author chooses, in the field of French legislation, the solutions found elsewhere in other countries. Dans ce cours, André Weiss traite de la compétence et de l'incompétence des tribu…

Immunité des États au point de vue de la juridiction ou de l’exécution forcée (Volume 8)

(24,217 words)

Author(s): Grenville Phillimore, George
Grenville Phillimore, George Keywords: Sovereign immunities | Mots clefs: Immunités judiciaires | ABSTRACT State immunity, by virtue of its sovereign character, is exercised both in respect of civil liability to an individual and in respect of the ordinary procedure followed in establishing the jurisdiction of courts and in enforcing their judgments. The question of whether such immunity is legitimate draws the attention of Jurists from several countries, according to George Grenville Philimore in the introd…

L’exterritorialité et ses principales applications (Volume 1)

(25,459 words)

Author(s): Strisower, Leo
Strisower, Leo Keywords: Diplomates | Diplomatic and consular immunities | Heads of State and Heads of government | Sovereign immunities | Armed forces | Warships | Mots clefs: Agents diplomatiques | Immunités diplomatiques et consulaires | Chefs d Etats | Immunités judiciaires | Forces armées | Navires de guerre | ABSTRACT Leo Strisower begins his course with a presentation of the concept of extraterritoriality. The author then focuses on the extraterritoriality of diplomatic agents and their retinue: on general principles, on immunities includ…

Foreign Sate Immunity: Emerging Consensus on Principles (Volume 200)

(70,631 words)

Author(s): D. Trooboff, Peter
D. Trooboff, Peter Keywords: Sovereign immunities | Legal principles | Mots clefs: Immunités judiciaires | Principes généraux du droit | ABSTRACT In his course, Peter D. Trooboff, who works for Covington & Burling in Washington, comments on the case law of the United States of America with respect to some key issues arising in the field of state immunity, and relates the case law to the treatment of the issues in national or international codifications. The author points out that there is a significant consensus in …

L’immunité de juridiction et d’exécution des organisations internationales (Volume 187)

(30,331 words)

Author(s): Dominicé, Christian
Dominicé, Christian Keywords: International organizations | Sovereign immunities | Mots clefs: Organisations internationales | Immunités judiciaires | ABSTRACT The concept of immunity from jurisdiction must be interpreted in a broad sense as applying to all forms of proceedings before national authorities. Most of the bilateral and multilateral agreements dealing specifically with the privileges and immunities of international organizations contain a provision on the personality or legal capacity of the organizat…