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The International Monetary Fund and External Debt (Volume 215)

(27,065 words)

Author(s): Gianviti, François
Gianviti, François Keywords: International debts | International Monetary Fund | Mots clefs: Dettes internationales | Fonds monétaire international | ABSTRACT Francois Gianviti devotes his course to the International Monetary Fund and external debt. The IMF is an international organization with financial resources and judiciary. It provides financial resources to member States who need assistance for their external payments. It is competent with to external payments policy of some of the members. Therefore, the IMF…

Trade and Finance in International Law (Volume 123)

(34,594 words)

Author(s): Fawcett, J.
Fawcett, J. Keywords: International trade | Finances | International law | Régime des paiements | General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade | International Monetary Fund | Mots clefs: Commerce international | Finances | Droit international | Paiements | Accord général sur les tarifs douaniers et le commerce | Fonds monétaire international | ABSTRACT The course of J. Fawcett aims at identifying certain general legal concepts involved in the area of international trade and international finance, and at describing the manner in which they contribute to …

Developments in the International Monetary System, The International Monetary Fund, and International Monetary Law since 1971 (Volume 174)

(97,312 words)

Author(s): Gold, Joseph
Gold, Joseph Keywords: International Monetary Fund | International financial law | Mots clefs: Fonds monétaire international | Droit international financier | ABSTRACT The main objectives pursued by Joseph Gold, Senior Consultant at the International Monetary Fund, are on the one hand an attempt to clarify what is meant by the international monetary system, which has become a legal concept at present, and on the other hand a discussion of the three elements covered by the three concepts of the international monetary …