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L’arbitrage dans l’espace OHADA (Volume 380)

(59,550 words)

Author(s): Pougoué, Paul-Gérard
Pougoué, Paul-Gérard Keywords: Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa | Commercial law | Unification of law | International commercial arbitration | Commercial arbitration | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT OHADA has enabled the establishment of a general framework for the legal order of arbitration in its member countries. This involves a unification of the legal regime of arbitration as well as the desire to simplify the field of arbitration, in terms of objective arbitrability (contractual nature of the dispute,…

Trends in the Field of International Commercial Arbitration (Volume 145)

(33,594 words)

Author(s): Sanders, Pieter
Sanders, Pieter Keywords: International commercial arbitration | Mots clefs: Arbitrage commercial international | ABSTRACT Pieter Sanders, Professor at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, focuses in his course on the trends, emerging at the time of its writing (1975) in the field of international commercial arbitration on three major issues: domain of arbitration, arbitration and applicable law, and remedies against arbitral awards. Since international commercial arbitration applies worldwide, the author addre…

Choice-of-Law Problems in International Commercial Arbitration (Volume 289)

(158,366 words)

Author(s): A. Grigera Naón, Horacio
A. Grigera Naón, Horacio Keywords: International commercial arbitration | Mots clefs: Arbitrage commercial international | ABSTRACT The objective of this course by M. Grigera Naón is to describe solutions given to choice-of-law problems by international commercial arbitrators. Only ICC arbitration awards will be considered and, accordingly, only rules and practices governing the conduct of ICC arbitrations and influencing choice-of-law determinations by international commercial arbitrators will be taken into ac…

Problèmes relatifs à l’arbitrage international commercial (Volume 120)

(55,961 words)

Author(s): A. Lalive, P.
A. Lalive, P. Keywords: International commercial arbitration | Mots clefs: Arbitrage commercial international | ABSTRACT P.A. Lalive notes in the introduction of his course that it seems that, with the increased intervention of the State in the economic life, with the development of “joint” ventures, which are half-public and half-private, or even “international” ventures in the legal sense of the term, and with the multiplication of “transnational” law relations in order to reiterate the famous policy of Jess…

Internationalization of the Practice of law and Important Emerging Issues for Investor-State Arbitration Opening Lecture, Private International Law Session, 2011 (Volume 354)

(19,413 words)

Author(s): B. Lamm, Carolyn
B. Lamm, Carolyn Keywords: Foreign direct investment | International commercial arbitration | International arbitration | International dispute settlement | International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes | International arbitral awards | Cases | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT The point of this class is to address the situation of the legal profession under actual circumstances. As the business is global, the legal profession is too, and it is put under special regulations. The third chapter of the class points that internalizati…

Competence-Competence in the Face of Illegality in Contracts and Arbitration Agreements (Volume 361)

(137,444 words)

Author(s): Kreindler, Richard
Kreindler, Richard Keywords: International commercial arbitration | International arbitration | Arbitration court | Arbitral competence | Legality | Corruption | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT The point of this lecture is to give a better understanding of illegality and its different forms in international law, as it can have different forms and exist in many circumstances. It is important to understand the context of private international law versus public international law, as public policy plays an important part in internat…

L’arbitrage international entre gouvernements et particuliers (Volume 76)

(31,787 words)

Author(s): Carabiber, Ch.
Carabiber, Ch. Keywords: International commercial arbitration | Mots clefs: Arbitrage commercial international | ABSTRACT Ch. Carabiber notes that the problem of arbitration between governments and individuals arises in the conditions, which do not evoke an idea of equality of the parties in the dispute between the parties. They are not equipped with means of procedure and action to balance each other. The author begins by studying the responsibility of the public authority, and the immunities and receivables…

Res Judicata and Lis Pendens in International Arbitration (Volume 366)

(121,617 words)

Author(s): Hobér, Kaj
Hobér, Kaj Keywords: Res iudicata | Concurrent proceedings | Law of civil procedure | Arbitration | International commercial arbitration | Private international law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT The objective of these lectures is to identify situations where res judicata and lis pendens issues may arise in international arbitrations, as well as to take stock of, and to discuss, what arbitral tribunals actually do with respect to the principles of res judicata and lis pendens. After an introduction, the Chapter II discusses res judicata and lis pendens in a number of national jurisdicti…

L’évolution de l’arbitrage commercial international (Volume 99)

(33,962 words)

Author(s): Carabiber, Charles
Carabiber, Charles Keywords: International commercial arbitration | Mots clefs: Arbitrage commercial international | ABSTRACT After introductory remarks on the sustainability and history of arbitration, Charles Carabiber explores the legal nature of arbitration. He focuses on the issue of the equality of the parties in the arbitration, the compromissory clause and the compromissory, next on the inability of the State to arbitration, and examines the possibility for the State to be relieved from this inability…

The Private-Public Divide in International Dispute Resolution (Volume 388)

(88,455 words)

Author(s): Hess, Burkhard
Hess, Burkhard Keywords: International dispute settlement | International arbitration | International commercial arbitration | States | Individuals | Private enforcement ABSTRACT Almost every legal system knows the distinction between private and public law. This distinction is primarily found in continental law systems, but it is not unknown in the common law world. In this course, Burkhard Hess focuses on the dispute between the public and the private sectors. The author explains that both the areas of public and …

L’autonomie de l’arbitre international dans l’appréciation de sa propre compétence (Volume 217)

(47,469 words)

Author(s): Mayer, Pierre
Mayer, Pierre Keywords: Judicial competence | International commercial arbitration | Mots clefs: Compétence judiciaire | Arbitrage commercial international | ABSTRACT Pierre Mayer, Professor at the University of Paris I, notes that a course on the competence of international arbitrators may adopt two different approaches depending on whether it is from the point of view of States or arbitrators. The author chooses the second. However, an arbitrator ruling in Geneva on a dispute between an American party and an Ital…

International Arbitration and Private International Law General Course on Private International Law (Volume 381)

(205,382 words)

Author(s): A. Bermann, George
A. Bermann, George Keywords: International commercial arbitration | Private international law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT The course aims to identify international arbitration’s place within the discipline of private international law, and vice versa. It follows by covering the different types of arbitral jurisdiction: personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, jurisdiction by consent, known as arbitration agreements, and principles concerning the jurisdiction to determine arbitral jurisdiction. As arbitra…

Limitations on Party Autonomy in International Commercial Arbitration (Volume 372)

(82,649 words)

Author(s): Cordero-Moss, Giuditta
Cordero-Moss, Giuditta Keywords: Party autonomy | International contracts | International commercial arbitration | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT This course aims to examine the limitations of party autonomy in international commercial arbitration, as parties have a central role in commercial arbitration. The idea is that a “closed circuit” made only of the rules the parties agreed on is not always possible, and other sources can impact the arbitration, thus the autonomy of the parties. First, external restrictions exist…

International Commercial Arbitration in the Socialist Countries Members of the CMEA (Volume 158)

(34,899 words)

Author(s): N. Lebedev, Sergei
N. Lebedev, Sergei Keywords: Socialist countries | International commercial arbitration | Council for Mutual Economic Assistance | Mots clefs: Pays socialistes | Arbitrage commercial international | COMECON | ABSTRACT Sergei Lebedev, Professor at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, devotes his course to international commercial arbitration in the socialist member countries of the CMEA. The author successively studies the characteristic trends in the evolution of international commercial arbitration, the n…

Choice of Law in Arbitration Proceedings (Volume 375)

(12,117 words)

Author(s): M. De Boer, Th.
M. De Boer, Th. Keywords: International commercial arbitration | International arbitration | Choice of law | Lex fori | International law of procedure | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT In arbitration, choice-of-law issues are more complicated than they are in ordinary litigation, as an arbitral tribunal is not bound to the lex fori of the state in which it sits. This lack of obligation to a specific set of national choice of law rules, this freedom of disposition, can lead the tribunal to apply any rule of law that it would deem “appropriate”. The author …

Le rôle des juridictions étatiques devant l’arbitrage commercial international (Volume 290)

(85,081 words)

Author(s): Carlos Fernández Rozas, José
Carlos Fernández Rozas, José Keywords: International commercial arbitration | Mots clefs: Arbitrage commercial international | LeJoInLa8 | ABSTRACT Professor José Carlos Fernández Rozas notes that nowadays the role of the State tends to become less important in international business, that arbitration has imposed itself as an interesting solution to solving conflicts, but that for all that, arbitration does not manage yet to liberate itself from the legislative and jurisdictional activity of the State. Professor …

Lis Pendens in International Litigation (Volume 336)

(134,657 words)

Author(s): McLachlan, Campbell
McLachlan, Campbell Keywords: Exception de litispendance | International law of procedure | Private international law | Public international law | International arbitration | International commercial arbitration | Mots clefs: Litispendance | Droit international de procédure | Droit international privé | Droit international public | Arbitrage international | Arbitrage commercial international | ABSTRACT Campbell McLachlan, Professor at Victoria University of Wellington, devotes his course to lis pendens in international law. After a detailed intro…

Data Protection Law and International Dispute Resolution (Volume 382)

(60,310 words)

Author(s): Daniel Cooper and Christopher Kuner,
Daniel Cooper and Christopher Kuner Keywords: Data protection | Personal data | Privacy | Alternative dispute resolution | International commercial arbitration | International dispute settlement | Human rights | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT With the internet and the globalized nature of commerce and communication, we have seen the development of data protection law and international dispute resolution. Indeed, some concepts specific to data protection, such as privacy, personal or sensitive data, localization, lead to de the developme…

L’Efficacité de L’Arbitrage Commercial International (Volume 400)

(252,476 words)

Author(s): Chedly, Lotfi
Chedly, Lotfi Keywords: International commercial arbitration | Effectiveness [p11] NOTICE BIOGRAPHIQUE [p22] Lotfi Chedly, né le 16 mai 1968 à Nabeul (Tunisie). Professorat de l’enseignement supérieur de droit privé et sciences criminelles session 2008 ; agrégation en droit privé et sciences criminelles session 2003 (major de Tunisie) ; habilitation à diriger les recherches universitaires : de la faculté des sciences juridiques, en novembre 2002 ; doctorat en sciences juridiques, 2001, mention : très honorable, avec …

Droit international privé et arbitrage commercial international (Volume 396)

(9,084 words)

Author(s): Jacquet, Jean-Michel
Jacquet, Jean-Michel Keywords: International commercial arbitration | Private international law [p11] Jacquet, Jean-Michel NOTICE BIOGRAPHIQUE [p14] Jean-Michel Jacquet, né le 17 novembre 1945 à Montbéliard (France). Licence et doctorat en droit Université Robert-Schuman de Strasbourg ; diplôme d’études approfondies, Université de Paris II Panthéon-Assas ; professeur agrégé des facultés de droit ; professeur détaché à l’Université Cheikh-Anta-Diop de Dakar (1983-1990) ; professeur à l’Université des sciences sociales de …
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