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Culpabilité en droit international pénal (Volume 99)

(47,387 words)

Author(s): Glaser, Stefan
Glaser, Stefan Keywords: Criminal offences | Criminal liability | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Droit pénal international | ABSTRACT Stefan Glaser explains that the international criminal law borrows, mostly, the ideas and the principles from domestic criminal law or more precisely from its doctrine. That is why the author first refers, in his presentation, to the concepts and rules accepted in the field of criminal law. By taking them as a basis for his considerations, he explains the concept, the role,…

Du Tribunal pénal international pour l’ex-Yougoslavie à la cour pénale internationale: De quelques observations et enseignements (Volume 307)

(2,759 words)

Author(s): Exc. M. Claude Jorda, S.
Exc. M. Claude Jorda, S. Keywords: International Criminal Court | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Cour pénale internationale | Tribunal pénal international pour l%27ex-Yougoslavie | Droit pénal international | ABSTRACT In this course, held at The Hague Academy of International Law, Mr. Jorda, former President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, tries to see which elements from the ICTY experience could be used in the International Criminal Court. After presenting an interim balance of th…

Les crimes contre l’humanité (Volume 76)

(71,069 words)

Author(s): Graven, Jean
Graven, Jean Keywords: Crimes against humanity | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Crimes contre l humanité | bjt10 | ABSTRACT Crimes Against Humanity, writes Jean Graven in the introduction to his course, are as old as humanity. However, the legal concept is new. Because it presupposes a state of civilization, which recognizes the laws of humanity, of human rights, or of the human being as such, and recognizes the respect for the individual and human communities even if they are enemies. The author begins hi…

La répression des crimes contre la personnalité de l’État (Volume 33)

(62,291 words)

Author(s): V. Pella, Vespasian
V. Pella, Vespasian Keywords: States | National security | Criminal offences | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Etats | Sécurité | Délits | Droit pénal international | ABSTRACT In this study, Vespasian V. Pella examines the extent of criminal protection afforded to the fundamental interests of the State. After an overview of the crimes against the personality of the State, the author studies the criminal protection of the interests of the State in positive law: the crimes against the international personality of the…

La répression de la piraterie (Volume 15)

(44,861 words)

Author(s): Pella, Vespasien
Pella, Vespasien Keywords: Piracy | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Course et piraterie | ABSTRACT Vespasian Pella shows in his introduction to the course in 1926 the need for the Repression of Piracy. After an introduction to a historical overview of piracy, the author presents definitions and classifications of piracy. He then examines the fundamental principles of criminal law related to the exercise of repression of piracy. The author focuses, in the third and final chapter of his course, on the pr…

La compétence des tribunaux à raison d’infractions commises hors du territoire (Volume 12)

(48,320 words)

Author(s): Dr Sigismond Cybichowski, le
Dr Sigismond Cybichowski, le Keywords: Judicial competence | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Compétence judiciaire | Droit pénal international | ABSTRACT The problem of the Jurisdiction of Courts for Offenses Committed Outside the Territory lies, emphasizes Sigismund Cybichowski, in the field of international criminal law, which is itself a part of private international law. Since the scientific nature of his research requires a scientific basis, the author begins his course with an outline of the conception…

La justice pénale internationale (Volume 10)

(66,992 words)

Author(s): Saldaña, Quintiliano
Saldaña, Quintiliano Keywords: Military criminal law | International crimes | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Droit pénal militaire | Code pénal international | ABSTRACT According to Quintiliano Saldana, the evolution of international justice appears to us under three distinct processes: the evolution of facts, the evolution of ideas, and the evolution of institutions. As far as the facts are concerned, writes the author in 1925, we are faced with a transformation of the entire international legal community: it…

L’entraide des États dans la lutte contre la criminalité (Volume 36)

(32,679 words)

Author(s): Roux, J.-A.
Roux, J.-A. Keywords: Judicial assistance | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Assistance judiciaire | Droit pénal international | ABSTRACT J.-A. Roux devotes the course to the aid that States provide to each other in the fight against crime, that is to say, the support they lend themselves to fight the criminals who have disturbed the public peace in their territory. To do this, the author successively examines police aid, legal aid, and legislative aid. The author then raises the issue of the internationalization of aid and the unification of criminal law. J.-A. Roux consacre s…

Crimes et délits contre la sûreté des États étrangers (Volume 16)

(46,406 words)

Author(s): Bourquin, Maurice
Bourquin, Maurice Keywords: Safety | Criminal offences | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Sûreté | Délits | Droit pénal international | ABSTRACT Maurice Bourquin observes that whatever opinion that one professes with respect to the fundamental rights of the State, and particularly of the "right of conservation", one fact is indisputable: Every State community has the right to defend itself against companies that would threaten its existence. In the first part of his course, the author focuses on the rights of …

The Law of War and the National Jurisdiction since 1945 (Volume 100)

(49,926 words)

Author(s): V. A. Röling, B.
V. A. Röling, B. Keywords: Laws of war | Judicial competence | International criminal law | International humanitarian law | Mots clefs: Droit de la guerre | Compétence étatique | Droit pénal international | Droit humanitaire international | ABSTRACT B.V.A. Roeling's course discusses the relationship between the law of war and the repression of war criminals during the post-war period. The author successively examines the right and duty to punish war criminals, the jurisdiction of the court and some excuses or mitigating circumstance…

L’action publique et l’action civile dans les rapports de droit pénal international (Volume 26)

(39,973 words)

Author(s): Donnedieu De Vabres, Henri
Donnedieu De Vabres, Henri Keywords: Private international law | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Droit international privé | Droit pénal international | ABSTRACT Henri Donnedieu de Vabres points out that it often follows from the circumstances that public action and civil action for the same offence are brought in the territory of different States. How, will jurisdiction be determined in respect of either of the two actions in these circumstances? What influence will the prosecution exercise on the civil actio…

La Cour pénale internationale (Volume 313)

(46,422 words)

Author(s): David, Éric
David, Éric Keywords: International Criminal Court | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Cour pénale internationale | Droit pénal international | ABSTRACT David Éric, Professor at the Free University of Brussels, proposes a detailed study of the main characteristics of the International Criminal Court. He examines successively the submission of the ICC to the consent of the States Parties (its creation, its jurisdiction, cooperation between the Court and the States, exceptions to the hold of the States on the Co…

Le proces de Nuremberg devant les principes modernes du droit pénal international (Volume 70)

(34,310 words)

Author(s): Donnedieu de Vabres, H.
Donnedieu de Vabres, H. Keywords: International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg | Legal principles | Aggression | War crimes | Crimes against humanity | Conspiracy | Criminal liability | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Nuremberg | Criminels de guerre | Crimes de guerre | Droit pénal international | Principes de droit | ABSTRACT Without reproducing the exact order of the indictment drawn up by the four public prosecutors or the exact order of the judgment, H. Donnedieu de Vabres takes up various charges made at the Nuremberg trial. He focus…

International Criminal Law (Volume 278)

(67,366 words)

Author(s): Barboza, Julio
Barboza, Julio Keywords: International Law Commission | International criminal law | International Criminal Court | Mots clefs: Commission du droit international | Droit pénal international | Cour pénale internationale | bjt5 | ABSTRACT In his course, Julio Barboza, Professor at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires, intends to deal with the principal infringements on international criminal law and to follow them from the Nuremberg trials to their formulation in the Statute of a Permanent Criminal Court. Professeur Barboza st…