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Les Accords de Bretton Woods et les Institutions qui en sont issues (Volume 72)

(29,766 words)

Author(s): Gutt, Camille
Gutt, Camille Keywords: Bretton Woods system | Conferences | International financial law | 1944 | Mots clefs: Bretton Woods | Conférence | Droit international financier | 1944 | ABSTRACT Camille Gutt in the course deals with the subject as follows: Europe's economic crisis, which is either a very simple and an appallingly broad subject. It can be divided into three parts, the author continues: what the crisis is, what the causes are, what the remedies can be. And these parts cannot be separated because in the entanglement o…

Developments in the International Monetary System, The International Monetary Fund, and International Monetary Law since 1971 (Volume 174)

(97,312 words)

Author(s): Gold, Joseph
Gold, Joseph Keywords: International Monetary Fund | International financial law | Mots clefs: Fonds monétaire international | Droit international financier | ABSTRACT The main objectives pursued by Joseph Gold, Senior Consultant at the International Monetary Fund, are on the one hand an attempt to clarify what is meant by the international monetary system, which has become a legal concept at present, and on the other hand a discussion of the three elements covered by the three concepts of the international monetary …

Money in Public International Law (Volume 96)

(45,724 words)

Author(s): A. Mann, LL.D., F.
A. Mann, LL.D., F. Keywords: Currencies | Public international law | International financial law | Mots clefs: Monnaies | Droit international public | Droit international financier | ABSTRACT Frederick Mann explains in an introduction to his study that the Modern public international law of the money deals with four main subjects. Money is first and foremost one of the objects of the international organization, and its legal implications deserve attention. Then, the author studies main aspects of many treaties accompanying…

Quelques aspects juridiques de la coopération intergouvernementale en matière d’échanges et de paiements internationaux (Volume 124)

(48,630 words)

Author(s): Giuliano, Mario
Giuliano, Mario Keywords: Régime des paiements | International financial law | International co-operation | Mots clefs: Paiements | Droit international financier | Coopération internationale | ABSTRACT Marion Giuliano, Professor at the University of Milan, presents four major topics related to the law of inter-governmental cooperation regarding international exchanges and payments. First of all, he focuses on bilateral cooperation related to exchanges (custom rights and restrictive commercial regulations), and then on th…

Legal Trends in International Lending and Investment in the Developing Countries (Volume 180)

(55,646 words)

Author(s): O. Adede, A.
O. Adede, A. Keywords: Developing countries | Foreign direct investment | International financial law | Mots clefs: Pays en voie de développement | Investissement | Droit international financier | ABSTRACT O.A. Adede's course on Legal Trends in Lending and Investment in Developing Countries is divided into two parts. In the first part, the author examines trends in the legal framework for international lending in developing countries. In the second part, he focuses his attention on the legal aspects of transnational contract…