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States, Peoples and Minorities (Volume 231)

(96,296 words)

Author(s): Vukas, Budislav
Vukas, Budislav Keywords: States | Minorities | International legal personality | Mots clefs: Droit de libre disposition | Minorités | ABSTRACT Budislav Vukas, Professor at the Institute of Law and International Relations in Zagreb, devotes his course to the theme “States, Peoples, and Minorities". In this course, the author intends to examine the notions of the State, the people, and the minority, and some related themes addressed in the context of international law. He also focuses on international rules relating …

International Personality (Volume 191)

(23,556 words)

Author(s): Feldman, David
Feldman, David Keywords: International legal personality | Mots clefs: Personnalité internationale | ABSTRACT David Feldman, Professor at Kazan University, devotes his course to international personality. After a study of the theoretical foundations of international personality, the author is interested in the State as a dominant international person. He then classifies States as international people and their principal rights and obligations, and examines the issue of the recognition of States in modern int…