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Le droit international à l’épreuve du terrorisme (Volume 321)

(108,228 words)

Author(s): Klein, Pierre
Klein, Pierre Keywords: United Nations | Terrorism | International peace and security | International politics | Use of force | International relations | Human rights | Mots clefs: Nations Unies | Terrorisme | Sécurité internationale | Politique internationale | Force | Relations internationales | Droits de l'homme | ABSTRACT Pierre Klein, Professor at the Université libre de Bruxelles, begins his course by identifying the very notion of terrorism to report on the impact of terrorism on international law. He then takes a step backward and plac…

Les origines historiques de la doctrine de l’isolement aux États-Unis (Volume 59)

(28,295 words)

Author(s): Chinard, Gilbert
Chinard, Gilbert Keywords: United States of America | International politics | Mots clefs: Etats-Unis d’Amérique | Politique internationale | ABSTRACT Gilbert Chinard, in this text, studies the Historical Origins of the Doctrine of Isolation in the United States, a doctrine which finds its source in the farewell speech of Washington on 17th September 1796. The author thus focuses successively on the colonial period, the 1776 Revolution, and the Treaty of 1778, the obstacles posed by distance and time, which make no…

The United Nations and International Law-Making Opening Lecture, Public International Law Session, 2012 (Volume 362)

(10,617 words)

Author(s): H. Arsanjani, Mahnoush
H. Arsanjani, Mahnoush Keywords: United Nations | Public international law | International law | Development of international law | International relations | International politics | Charter of the United Nations (San Francisco, 26 June 1945) | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT International law has been developing and expanding its scope remarkably in the last few decades. The United Nations is entitled to considerable credit for signal past law-making accomplishment. This opening lecture commences with a note on the Charter of the United Nation…

Les nouvelles orientations de la politique économique internationale (Volume 35)

(37,106 words)

Author(s): da Veiga Simoes, A.
da Veiga Simoes, A. Keywords: Economy | International politics | International trade | Mots clefs: Economie politique | Politique internationale | Commerce international | ABSTRACT There are two methods for setting out the guidelines of international economic policy as they manifest in 1931, explains A. da Veiga Simoes: to give one of the most illustrated phenomena thoroughly and in detail, in an in-depth specialization, or to provide a general portrait of the evolution of economic policy among States since the juxtapos…

Le Japon et la paix en Asie (Volume 57)

(34,764 words)

Author(s): Hindmarsh, Albert-E.
Hindmarsh, Albert-E. Keywords: Japan | Asia | International politics | Mots clefs: Japon | Asie | Politique | ABSTRACT According to Albert Hindmarsh, the best method to explain Japan's foreign policy in a simple, a realistic, and an accurate way, and to understand the attitude of Japanese diplomacy in Japan with regard to China and the Western powers, is to highlight the close relations between the internal situation and the external action of the country. The author examines the formation of modern Japan, the pro…