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L’intervention en droit international moderne (Volume 32)

(26,192 words)

Author(s): B. Potter, Pitman
B. Potter, Pitman Keywords: Intervention | Mots clefs: Intervention et non-intervention | ABSTRACT Pitman Potter begins his course on Intervention in Modern International Law with a presentation of the nature and forms of intervention and its place in international government. He analyzes the history of the intervention and its place in customary international law. The author devotes the subsequent developments to intervention under a treaty and the intervention of the League of Nations, and then to the importance of intervention for the future of international relations. Pitman …

La compétence interne des États et la non-intervention dans le droit international contemporain (Volume 141)

(31,200 words)

Author(s): Ouchakov, N.
Ouchakov, N. Keywords: Intervention | Mots clefs: Intervention et non-intervention | ABSTRACT N. Ouchakov points out in the introduction to his course that the Great October Socialist Revolution brought about a radical overhaul of the entire system of international relations and international law. This has resulted in the renaissance of the principle of non-intervention in international law on a new basis. The author successively presents the formation of the principle of non-intervention in contemporary in…

Aggression, Intervention and Self-Defence in Modern International Law (Volume 136)

(30,868 words)

Author(s): M. Schwebel, S.
M. Schwebel, S. Keywords: Aggression | Self-defence | Use of force | International relations | Intervention | Mots clefs: Agression | Défense légitime | Force | Relations internationales | Intervention et non-intervention | ABSTRACT S.M. Schwebel's course deals with the issues of aggression, intervention, and self-defence in the context of the question of the definition of aggression. After a first chapter on the need and importance of the definition of the concept of aggression, the author examines several types of approaches t…

Liberté des voies de communication. Relations internationales (Volume 2)

(134,051 words)

Author(s): Dupuis, Charles
Dupuis, Charles Keywords: Communications | International relations | Law of treaties | Intervention | State responsibility | Sanctions | Mots clefs: Communications | Relations internationales | Droit des traités | Intervention et non-intervention | Responsabilité des Etats | Sanctions | ABSTRACT The issue of the Freedom of Communication Paths, emphasizes Charles Dupuis in the introduction to his course, is one of the issues in which the opposition, not to say the antagonism, of nationalism and internationalism, the sovereignty of State…

Human Rights and Non-intervention in the Helsinki Final Act (Volume 157)

(55,941 words)

Author(s): Arangio-Ruiz, Gaetano
Arangio-Ruiz, Gaetano Keywords: European security | Human rights | Intervention | Acte final d'Helsinki | Mots clefs: Sécurité européenne | Droits de l homme | Intervention et non-intervention | Acte final de la Conférence sur la sécurité et la coopération en Europe (Helsinki, 1 août 1975) | ABSTRACT Gaetano Arangio-Ruiz, Professor at the University of Rome, focuses on a dispute that has arisen since the conclusion of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, on the impact of the non-intervention principle on international rules f…

La théorie et la pratique de l’intervention (Volume 40)

(18,716 words)

Author(s): Ellery C. Stowell, M.
Ellery C. Stowell, M. Keywords: Intervention | Mots clefs: Intervention et non-intervention | ABSTRACT The rights deriving from international law, by Mr. Ellery C. Stowell in the introduction to the course, are a function of sovereignty on one hand, and of intervention on the other hand; it follows that the system of enforcement of the sovereign rule is tempered in its foundation, in case of abuse, by intervention. To account for this concept, the author successively studies the nature of the intervention, it…

L’intervention dans la procédure de la Cour internationale de Justice (Volume 256)

(102,793 words)

Author(s): Torres Bernárdez, Santiago
Torres Bernárdez, Santiago Keywords: International Court of Justice | Intervention | Law of procedure | Mots clefs: Cour internationale de Justice | Intervention et non-intervention | Droit procédural | ABSTRACT The central theme in this course by Santiago Torres Bernardez, former Registrar of the International Court of Justice, is to show what characterizes a “true intervention” under the terms of the statute of the International Court of Justice. The author has essentially drawn the data for his study from the jurisprudenc…

The Regulation of Foreign Intervention in Civil Armed Conflict (Volume 142)

(44,564 words)

Author(s): J. Farer, Tom
J. Farer, Tom Keywords: Civil wars | Intervention | Mots clefs: Guerres civiles | Intervention et non-intervention | ABSTRACT The main objective of Tom Farer’s course on the Regulation of Foreign Intervention in Civil Armed Conflicts is to clarify the existing normative framework. After a study of the solutions adopted before 1945, the author focuses on contemporary normative framework, and thus presents the spectrum of normative choice (he studies what distinguishes a civil conflict from an international conflic…