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Les conventions relatives à la coopération judiciaire en matière civile et commerciale entre les États socialistes et les États occidentaux (Volume 158)

(48,817 words)

Author(s): Jodlowski, Jerzy
Jodlowski, Jerzy Keywords: West | Socialist countries | Judicial assistance | Civil law | Conventions | Commercial law | Mots clefs: Occident | Pays socialistes | Assistance judiciaire | Droit civil | Conventions | Droit commercial | ABSTRACT Jerzy Jodlowski, Honorary Professor of the University of Warsaw, examines in his course all the matters, which are contained in the conventions between the (European) Socialist States and the Western States, having as the objective: applicable law; international jurisdiction; civil procedure an…

Jurisdiction and International Judicial and Administrative Co-operation (Volume 284)

(154,250 words)

Author(s): Schlosser, Peter
Schlosser, Peter Keywords: Judicial assistance | Law of civil procedure | Criminal procedure | Judicial competence | Effects of foreign sentences | Mots clefs: Assistance judiciaire | Procédure civile | Procédure civile | Compétence judiciaire | Effets des sentences étrangères | ABSTRACT Professor Peter Schlosser examines to which degree the concept of co-operation among judicial authorities has found its way into political and everyday practices. He first looks at cross-border co-operation regarding litigation in commercial and other m…

L’entraide des États dans la lutte contre la criminalité (Volume 36)

(32,679 words)

Author(s): Roux, J.-A.
Roux, J.-A. Keywords: Judicial assistance | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Assistance judiciaire | Droit pénal international | ABSTRACT J.-A. Roux devotes the course to the aid that States provide to each other in the fight against crime, that is to say, the support they lend themselves to fight the criminals who have disturbed the public peace in their territory. To do this, the author successively examines police aid, legal aid, and legislative aid. The author then raises the issue of the internationalization of aid and the unification of criminal law. J.-A. Roux consacre s…

L’entraide judiciaire internationale en matière civile et commerciale (Volume 179)

(43,991 words)

Author(s): Capatina, Octavian
Capatina, Octavian Keywords: Judicial assistance | International law of procedure | Mots clefs: Assistance judiciaire | Droit international de procédure | ABSTRACT In his course on International Civil and Commercial Legal Mutual Assistance, Octavian Capatina, like Rabelais, intends to "break the bone to suck out the substantial marrow". For this purpose, the author begins by clarifying the meaning, so controversial, of the concept of international legal assistance and identifies the regulations applied to it. He then…