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L’application et l’interprétation des traités d’après la jurisprudence britannique D’après la jurisprudence britannique (Volume 43)

(17,994 words)

Author(s): D. Mc Nair, Arnold
D. Mc Nair, Arnold Keywords: Great Britain | Law of treaties | Case-law | Mots clefs: Grande-Bretagne | Droit des traités | Jurisprudence | ABSTRACT Arnold Mc Nair begins his course on the Application and Interpretation of Treaties According to British Jurisprudence by a speech on the existing relationships between treaties and English domestic law, and the role which the Parliament plays thereupon. He then studies the rules of interpretation, termination and dissolution of treaties, the effects of treaties toward third…

Liberté des voies de communication Relations internationales (Volume 2)

(134,048 words)

Author(s): Dupuis, Charles
Dupuis, Charles Keywords: Communications | International relations | Law of treaties | Intervention | State responsibility | Sanctions | Mots clefs: Communications | Relations internationales | Droit des traités | Intervention et non-intervention | Responsabilité des Etats | Sanctions | ABSTRACT The issue of the Freedom of Communication Paths, emphasizes Charles Dupuis in the introduction to his course, is one of the issues in which the opposition, not to say the antagonism, of nationalism and internationalism, the sovereignty of State…

Treaties and Custom (Volume 129)

(29,058 words)

Author(s): R. Baxter, R.
R. Baxter, R. Keywords: International customary law | Public international law | Law of treaties | Mots clefs: Droit coutumier international | Droit international public | Droit des traités | ABSTRACT The objective that R. Baxter assigns to his course is to describe how the treaties, whether bilateral or multilateral, serve as evidence of the state of customary international law. First, he examines multilateral treaties as declaratory of customary international law, multilateral treaties as constitutive of customary internati…

La formation des traités dans la pratique internationale contemporaine (Volume 74)

(26,292 words)

Author(s): Balladore Palljeri, G.
Balladore Palljeri, G. Keywords: Law of treaties | Mots clefs: Droit des traités | ABSTRACT G. Balladore Pallieri begins his course with a presentation of the recent transformations of traditional principles on the formation of treaties. In this context, he particularly examines the old rule of conformity of international law with domestic law with regard to the competence of bodies and modern trends in the opposite direction. The second part of the course is devoted to new processes of treaty formation. The a…

Parties to Treaties — The Right of Participation (Volume 135)

(36,397 words)

Author(s): I. Lukashuk, I.
I. Lukashuk, I. Keywords: Participating interest | Law of treaties | Mots clefs: Participation | Droit des traités | ABSTRACT I.I. Lukashuk points out that in the introduction to his course that the peculiarity of subjects of public international law not only possesses rights and duties under international law, but also plays an active role in the development of international law. In the first part, the author presents the different categories of parties to the treaties (States, composite States, international orga…

Why do we Need a Law of Treaties ? Inaugural Lecture (Volume 385)

(8,523 words)

Author(s): Franklin Berman, Sir
Franklin Berman, Sir Keywords: Treaties | Law of treaties ABSTRACT In this course, the author touches on what we expect a law of treaties to be and to do and on whether those principles and rules we have achieve these aims. He argues that it was not until the creation of the International Law Commission in the early years of the United Nations that a more consciously systematic attempt was made to look at the subject of treaties in the round, or as a whole. The author discusses the two main obstacles that…

Système et fonctions des traités internationaux (Volume 50)

(26,640 words)

Author(s): Kraus, Herbert
Kraus, Herbert Keywords: Law of treaties | Mots clefs: Droit des traités | ABSTRACT Regarding the first part of the topic which he addresses, namely the system of treaties, Herbert Kraus writes that we find ourselves in the presence of innumerable differences of opinion and that we can say that each author who has dealt with this issue has more or less presented his own system, which is more or less fragmented. Regarding the second part of the subject addressed by the author – the functions of international t…

The Interaction between Customary International Law and Treaties (Volume 322)

(72,359 words)

Author(s): Dinstein, Yoram
Dinstein, Yoram Keywords: Treaties | International customary law | Law of treaties | Mots clefs: Traités | Droit coutumier international | Droit des traités | ABSTRACT Yoram Dinstein, Professor emeritus of the University of Tel Aviv, reminds us that Article 38 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice prescribes three strata – often referred to as "sources" – of international law. This study is confined to the interaction between two of those strata, namely treaties and customs, and does not deal with the gene…

Reflections on the Relevance of Public International Law to Private International Law Treaty Making Opening Lecture, Private International Law Session, 2009 (Volume 340)

(19,132 words)

Author(s): R. Beaumont, Paul
R. Beaumont, Paul Keywords: Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (Vienna, 23 May 1969) | Law of treaties | Interpretation | Reservations | Conventions | Private international law | Public international law | Convention on Choice of Court Agreements (The Hague, 30 june 2005) | Convention sur le recouvrement international des aliments destinés aux enfants et à d'autres membres de la famille (La Haye, 23 novembre 2007) | Convention on the Law Applicable to Maintenance Obligations (The Hague, 2 October 1973) | Protocols | 2007 | Hague Conference on Private International Law | Statutes | Re…

Les instruments internationaux a caractère collectif (Volume 69)

(33,340 words)

Keywords: Law of treaties | Mots clefs: Droit des traités | ABSTRACT Wilfred Jenks writes in 1939 that the international Community is today threatened with complete disintegration. The collective instrument, the author continues, would seem to be the main means for an extensive reconstruction of the international order. In a final chapter created after the beginning of the Second World War, the author states that the solutions needed at the end of the war must be prepared from a technical point of view. La Communauté internationale est menacée aujourd'hui d'une désintégration …

The 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties — 40 Years After (Volume 344)

(69,394 words)

Author(s): E. Villiger, Mark
E. Villiger, Mark Keywords: Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (Vienna, 23 May 1969) | Legal history | International customary law | Law of treaties | Public international law | Mots clefs: Convention de Vienne sur le droit des traités (Vienne, 23 mai 1969) | Histoire du droit | Droit coutumier international | Droit des traités | Droit international public | ABSTRACT The 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, regulating treaties between States, lies at the heart of international law. This course analyses how the Convention has been applied by States and tribunals in the past 40 years. Particular issues which are examined concern reservations to treaties, interpretation, jus…

Historical Development Of International Law Contemporary Problems Of Treaty Law (Volume 88)

(29,659 words)

Author(s): T. Oliver, Covey
T. Oliver, Covey Keywords: International law | Legal history | Law of treaties | Mots clefs: Droit international | Histoire du droit | …

La structure de l’ordre juridique international Règles générales et règles conventionnelles (Volume 161)

(47,222 words)

Author(s): Barile, Giuseppe
Barile, Giuseppe Keywords: Public international law | Law of treaties | Mots clefs: Droit international public | Droit des traités | ABSTRACT Giuseppe Barile proposes in this course to give a plausible description of what is the law of international community. He says that it is necessary to try to discover the truth by allowing himself to be transported and guided solely by the logic inherent in the multiform experiences offered by the part of reality in which the phenomenon, that interests him, has its roots. The author then successively examines the structure of international la…

L’interprétation des traités (Volume 24)

(50,474 words)

Author(s): Ehrlich, Ludwik
Ehrlich, Ludwik Keywords: Law of treaties | Interpretation | Mots clefs: Droit des traités | Interprétation | …

La terminaison et la dissolution des traités (Volume 22)

(26,354 words)

Author(s): D. Mc Nair, Arnold
D. Mc Nair, Arnold Keywords: Dissolution | Law of treaties | Denunciation | Mots clefs: Dissolution | Droit des traités | …

Custom and Treaty in the Law of the Sea (Volume 205)

(29,074 words)

Author(s): Bernhardt, Rudolf
Bernhardt, Rudolf Keywords: International customary law | Law of the sea | Law of treaties | International law | Mots clefs: Droit coutumier international | Droit de la mer | Droit des traités | Droit international | ABSTRACT Rudolf Bernhardt, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and…

Territorial Entities Other than Independent States in the Law of Treaties (Volume 125)

(33,941 words)

Author(s): J. Lissitzyn, Oliver
J. Lissitzyn, Oliver Keywords: Federal states | Law of treaties | Law on conclusion of international treaties | Colonies | Non-self-governing territories | Autonomous territories | Mots clefs: Etats fédéraux | Droit des traités | Droit de conclure des traités | ABSTRACT Oliver Lissitzyn devotes his course to the establishment in the law of treaties the territorial entities other than independent states: members of composite States, dependent States, colonial territories, mandated territories, and some other entities with a form of inter…
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