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Migrations et relations familiales (Volume 345)

(153,670 words)

Author(s): Meziou, Kalthoum
Meziou, Kalthoum Keywords: European Union | Migration | Family life | Immigration | Foreign workeFamily reunion | Human rights | Domestic relations | France | Maghreb | Family law | Islamic law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT The "conflict of civilizations" conveys a globalized and fixed vision of the Muslim world and conceals the changes that have affected, to varying degrees, family law, particularly in the Maghreb. The theme, revisited through family relations in the context of Euro-Maghreb migration, must be surpassed. The focus on fun…

Les migrations internationales et leur réglementation (Volume 20)

(61,308 words)

Author(s): Varlez, L.
Varlez, L. Keywords: Migration | Mots clefs: Migrations | ABSTRACT Louis Varlez writes that it is easy to see that an important phenomenon such as migration has not been able to escape from the influence of the law, which has naturally claimed to direct and control human migrations. However, the legal points of view are so different in this respect; the interests involved are varied and often so contradictory that the most diverse systems have successively been formed. And this multiplicity of points of v…

Aspects juridiques des mouvements forcés de personnes (Volume 393)

(59,636 words)

Author(s): Ruiz De Santiago, Jaime
Ruiz De Santiago, Jaime Keywords: Human rights | Migration | Refugees ABSTRACT From the 19th century, human migratory movements have reached very significant proportions. The phenomenon of migration owes its importance not only to its increasing growth, but also to its importance in international law. In this course, Jaime Ruiz De Santiago explores some of the characteristics of these migratory movements and the consequences that they have had on the level of international law. The author outlines some of t…

The Human Rights of Undocumented Migrants (Volume 369)

(42,906 words)

Author(s): Ortiz Ahlf, Loretta
Ortiz Ahlf, Loretta Keywords: Illegal immigrants | Immigration | Migration | Human rights | International law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT After a short introduction explaining the actual state of undocumented migrants in the world, the course starts defining what an undocumented migrant in an irregular situation is. The main international human rights laws that apply are studied next by a text per text approach. The most frequently violated human rights in the case of migrants are then analyzed. Finally, a study display…