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L’exercice des compétences monétaires par les États (Volume 212)

(56,877 words)

Author(s): Burdeau, Geneviève
Burdeau, Geneviève Keywords: Currencies | Monetary policy | Competence | International law | Mots clefs: Monnaies | Politique monétaire | Compétence | Droit international | ABSTRACT Geneviève Burdeau notes in the introduction of her course that the conditions for the exercise of monetary powers by the State are naturally linked not only to a certain political and economic context, but also and very largely to the historical circumstances that might affect the territory in its relationship with political power. Here, Prof…

Problèmes internationaux de l’or (Volume 37)

(35,234 words)

Author(s): Garino Canina, Attilio
Garino Canina, Attilio Keywords: Gold | Monetary policy | Financial relations | Mots clefs: Or | Politique monétaire | Relations financières | ABSTRACT The course of Attilio Garino Canina reflects above all the exceptional events that have occurred in recent years, and the grave difficulties that have troubled people's lives in the hard spiritual, economic, and political struggles derived from the war. The author notes, however, that the uncertainty of the financial situation has served to highlight some shortcomings …

L’évolution monétaire dans le monde depuis la guerre de 1914 (Volume 49)

(42,473 words)

Author(s): Griziotti, Benvenuto
Griziotti, Benvenuto Keywords: Economy | Monetary policy | Mots clefs: Economie politique | Politique monétaire | ABSTRACT Benvenuto Griziotti writes that the war, which from 1914 to 1948 revolutionized not only Europe but the whole world, and which finds its definitive conclusion in the economic crisis of the 1930s, should be included in its underlying economic, political, and social reasons. The author continues that it was determined by the need for a revision of international economic positions, which charac…