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L’action publique et l’action civile dans les rapports de droit pénal international (Volume 26)

(39,940 words)

Author(s): Donnedieu De Vabres, Henri
Donnedieu De Vabres, Henri Keywords: Private international law | International criminal law | Mots clefs: Droit international privé | Droit pénal international | ABSTRACT Henri Donnedieu de Vabres points out that it often follows from the circumstances that public action and civil action for the same offence are brought in the territory of different States. How, will jurisdiction be determined in respect of either of the two actions in these circumstances? What influence will the prosecution exercise on the civil actio…

Le droit international privé du nouveau millénaire: la protection de la personne humaine face à la globalisation (Volume 282)

(9,844 words)

Author(s): Jayme, Erik
Jayme, Erik Keywords: Private international law | Globalization | Mots clefs: Droit international privé | Mondialisation | ABSTRACT Erik Jayme, Professor em. of Law and former Director of the Institute for Foreign and International Privat and Commercial Law of the University of Heidelberg, suggests in his course that that our time is marked by three characteristics: speed, ubiquity, and freedom. We are witnessing the fact that speed itself becomes a legal value, having a visible impact in private international la…

Private International Law Aspects of Child Custody and Child Kidnapping Cases (Volume 214)

(46,068 words)

Author(s): Shapira, Amos
Shapira, Amos Keywords: Children | Abduction | Custody | Private international law | Mots clefs: Enfants | Enlèvement | Tutelle | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT Amos Shapira, Professor at Tel Aviv University, devotes his course to the aspects of private international law of custody of child and child abduction. He studies three modes of appointing custody of child in the context of parental child abduction. He analyses a uni-national model (Israel), a multi-state model (the United States), and an international mode…

Tendances doctrinales actuelles en droit international privé (Volume 118)

(50,590 words)

Author(s): J. Evrigenis, Dimitrios
J. Evrigenis, Dimitrios Keywords: Private international law | Mots clefs: Droit international privé | ABSTRACT In this 1966 course, Dimitrios Evrigenis offers an analytical and a critical account of certain doctrinal contributions to private international law. His intention is to make an anthology of doctrinal currents at the time of writing the course, among the most representative of the subject. He devotes a first part to the "realistic tide" in the United States, and a second part to the doctrines of priva…

Lois politiques et droit international privé (Volume 83)

(29,604 words)

Author(s): Gihlihl, Torsten
Gihlihl, Torsten Keywords: Public order | Private international law | Mots clefs: Ordre public | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT Torsten Gihl deals mainly with so-called political laws noticed in their relations with private international law in his course. However, the author also highlights certain issues of principle of private international law, and thus deals in more detail with certain aspects of private international law itself, in particular public policy and the so-called territoriality of laws. Torsten Gihl traite principalement dans son cours des lois di…

Le droit international privé communautaire: réalités, problèmes et perspectives d’avenir (Volume 317)

(87,112 words)

Author(s): Borrás, Alegría
Borrás, Alegría Keywords: European Union | Private international law | Mots clefs: Union européenne | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT Private international law in the European community is not a subject that has just seen the light of day, but reforms made by the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1997 have profoundly changed its reality. Mrs Alegria Borrás, Professor of private international law at the faculties of law in Cordoba, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Barcelona, develops the subjec…

La nouvelle conception du domicile dans le règlement des conflits de lois (Volume 34)

(56,259 words)

Author(s): Cassin, René
Cassin, René Keywords: Habitual residence | Private international law | Mots clefs: Domicile | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT The role of domicile in the resolution of conflicts of laws is undoubtedly one of the most fundamental and passionately discussed problems of private international law. It gives rise, in legislation, to very deeply divergent solutions depending on the period or the country. Rene Cassin begins with a presentation of the notion and the general role of the domicile. The author then exami…

Maintenance Obligations in the Conflict of Laws (Volume 247)

(58,409 words)

Author(s): Martiny, Dieter
Martiny, Dieter Keywords: Food | Private international law | Treaties | Mots clefs: Alimentation | Droit international privé | Traités | ABSTRACT Dieter Martiny, research associate at the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg, devotes this course to maintenance obligations in private international law. As Dieter Martiny explains in his course, the origins for these obligations can be found in family law. After introducing the system of maintenance obligations and its complexities, the author explains the historical develop…

Tendances et méthodes en droit international privé (Cours général) (Volume 155)

(181,071 words)

Author(s): Lalive, Pierre
Lalive, Pierre Keywords: Private international law | Mots clefs: Droit international privé | ABSTRACT Pierre Lalive in his introduction to his course says that not only does he not have a dogma to propose, but also does he not believe in dogmas, in “grand theories”, and that he distrusts doctrinal constructions, especially when the grand theories are fashionable. Therefore, it is not a system that he explains in his course, but certain general views on a number of issues central to private international law, …

The Contribution of the Hague Conference to the Development of Private International Law in Common Law Countries (Volume 233)

(11,822 words)

Author(s): David McClean, John
David McClean, John Keywords: Common law | Private international law | Hague Conference on Private International Law | Mots clefs: Common law | Droit international privé | Conférence de La Haye de droit international privé | ABSTRACT The common law countries are diverse in their legal systems, their constitutional structures, and in the clarity, sophistication, and style of their rules of private international law. In this course, the author shows that the work of the Hague Conference has had a real, if fragmented, impact on a trad…

Le droit international privé comparé des états socialistes dans leur coopération économique (Volume 208)

(38,677 words)

Author(s): Kalenský, Pavel
Kalenský, Pavel Keywords: Socialist countries | Private international law | Comparative law | Economic co-operation | Mots clefs: Pays socialistes | Droit international privé | Droit comparé | Coopération économique | ABSTRACT In this course, Pavel Kalensky, Professor at the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in Prague, carries out a comparative study of the private international law of countries between which economic cooperation is pursued at two stages: the cooperation carried out primarily …

Contributing to Progressive Development of Private International Law: The International Process and the United States Approach (Volume 249)

(48,883 words)

Author(s): H. Pfund, Peter
H. Pfund, Peter Keywords: United States of America | Private international law | Development of international law | Mots clefs: Etats-Unis d'Amérique | Droit international privé | Développement du droit international | ABSTRACT In this course devoted to the American approach of the international process of progressive development of private international law, Peter Pfund, Assistant Legal Adviser at the US Department of State, hopes to demystify the international process of unification/harmonization of "private" law at the inter…

De Conflictu Legum Perspectives on Private International Law at the Turn of the Century (Volume 282)

(69,353 words)

Author(s): McClean, David
McClean, David Keywords: Private international law | Mots clefs: Droit international privé | ABSTRACT Professor David McClean proposes in his general course on private international law to examine current features of private international law in the light of their development over the past 50, 100, or 150 years. Professor McClean starts with placing private international law in its historical perspective by presenting the views of a various authors. He then examines personal status. In the third chapter, Prof…

The Quest for Legal Certainty in International Civil Cases (Volume 380)

(65,752 words)

Author(s): Kruger, Thalia
Kruger, Thalia Keywords: Legal certainty | Private international law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT First, this course considers how legal certainty is understood, as the term is broad. Through a first approach, it becomes clear that absolute certainty cannot be found. This series of lectures investigate a different aspect of private international law, with a focus on the EU and US approach to it, and how it contributes to legal certainty. A survey of the different connections used to achieve legal certainty is port…

Selected Problems of Private International Law (Volume 101)

(24,606 words)

Author(s): Nial, Håkan
Nial, Håkan Keywords: Sweden | Private international law | Insolvency law | Insolvency | Collective property | Limited liability companies | Diplomatic protection | Mots clefs: Suède | Droit international privé | Droit de la faillite | Faillite | Propriété collective | Sociétés à responsabilité limitée | Protection de nationaux à l'étranger | ABSTRACT Hakan Nial mainly addresses the problems of private international law in his course from the perspective of Swedish private international law. First, the author examines the issues related to property…

La désunion du couple en droit international privé (Volume 226)

(107,200 words)

Author(s): Gaudemet-Tallon, Hélène
Gaudemet-Tallon, Hélène Keywords: Divorce and judicial separation | Private international law | Mots clefs: Droit international privé | Divorce | ABSTRACT In this course, Hélène Gaudemet-Tallon, Professor at the University of Paris II, discusses the disunion of a couple consisting of two persons living in a marital relationship, whether it is a married couple or a common-law couple. He devotes the first part to the breakdown of structures (equality of men and women within the family unit, freedom of men and women wi…

Les problèmes de codification en droit international privé (Volume 145)

(63,105 words)

Author(s): Ferrer-Correia, A.
Ferrer-Correia, A. Keywords: Codification | Private international law | Mots clefs: Codification | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT According to the traditional view, A. Ferrer-Correia points out that the purpose of the private international law is only to designate the law applicable to multinational situations, and its typical method can be briefly described as follows: concrete legal issues belonging to a legal category X will be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the law presenting a certain co…

The Comparative Evolution of Principles of the Conflict of Laws in England and the U.S.A. (Volume 99)

(33,453 words)

Author(s): H. Graveson, Ronald
H. Graveson, Ronald Keywords: United States of America | Legal principles | Private international law | Great Britain | Mots clefs: Etats-Unis d’Amérique | Principes de droit | Droit international privé | Grande-Bretagne | ABSTRACT Ronald H. Graveson offers in this course a comparative study of the evolution of the conflicts of laws in England and in the United States. After a presentation of the context of the conflict of laws in the Common Law, the author examines the issues of domicile, marriage, divorce, contracts, and torts. Ronald H. Graveson propose dans ce cours une étude …

L’exception d’ordre public et la régularité substantielle internationale de la loi étrangère (Volume 371)

(52,516 words)

Author(s): de Vareilles-Sommières, Pascal
de Vareilles-Sommières, Pascal Keywords: Foreign law | Law of public order | Private international law | Conflict of laws | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT This course is devoted to the public order exception, and first, to the construction of the paradigm of international substantive regularity. The notions relating to the public policy exception and the regularity of foreign law are approached from the perspective of private international law. This course is divided into a first part on the international regularity of foreign …

L’ordre public et le but social des lois en droit international privé (Volume 239)

(40,161 words)

Author(s): Bucher, Andreas
Bucher, Andreas Keywords: Public order | Private international law | Mots clefs: Ordre public | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT If it is true, as Andreas Bucher, Professor at the University of Geneva says, that public policy is one of the concepts that is best assimilated in the various systems of private international law, its relationship to the rules of conflicts of laws is much less clear. With regard to the undeniable social dimension of the law of the modern state, is it really possible to entrust the re…
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