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Principes et pratique de procédure dans l’arbitrage commercial international (Volume 279)

(54,855 words)

Author(s): Hascher, Dominique
Hascher, Dominique Keywords: International commercial arbitration | Procedure | International Chamber of Commerce | Mots clefs: Arbitrage commercial international | Procédure | Chambre de commerce internationale | ABSTRACT In this course, Dominique Hascher, Judge at the Court of Appeal in Paris, looks at the arbitration procedure in its broadest sense, including the internal functioning of the arbitration court which places the arbitrators themselves at the heart of the principles of the arbitration procedure. Dominique Ha…

La procédure de la cour permanente de justice internationale (Volume 65)

(40,589 words)

Author(s): Scerni, Mario
Scerni, Mario Keywords: Permanent Court of International Justice | Procedure | Mots clefs: Cour permanente de Justice internationale | Procédure | ABSTRACT Following a presentation of general considerations on procedure in the international legal order, Mario Scerni examines the legal nature and sources of the rules of procedure of the Permanent Court of International Justice. The author then presents the characteristics of the case before the Court, before focusing on the progress of the proceedings and the end of the proceedings. Après la présentation de considérations d'o…

Principles of Procedure in International Litigation (Volume 345)

(54,500 words)

Author(s): Elihu Lauterpacht, Sir
Elihu Lauterpacht, Sir Keywords: Judicial settlement of international disputes | Procedure | Legal principles | International Court of Justice | Law of procedure | International courts | International law of procedure | Consent | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT Drawing on his extensive experience, the author examines the range, forms and role of procedure in international litigation. He discusses critically and at length the operation of the principle of consent and the principal elements in the litigation process. Sir Elihu Lauterpacht, directeur émérite du Lauterpacht Center for…

The Role of Facts in International Dispute Resolution (Volume 304)

(59,448 words)

Author(s): M. Mosk, Richard
M. Mosk, Richard Keywords: Factfinding | International arbitration | Procedure | Evidence | Mots clefs: Faits | Arbitrage international | Procédure | Preuves | ABSTRACT Richard Mosk, Associate Justice at the California Court of Appeal in Los Angeles, started his career by taking part in the Warren Commission that was created to investigate the assassination of President Kennedy. Convinced of the important role that facts play in the resolution of disputes, the author starts by a general explanation of what facts are and…

L’intérêt pour agir devant la Cour internationale de Justice (Volume 209)

(43,434 words)

Author(s): Mbaye, Kéba
Mbaye, Kéba Keywords: International Court of Justice | Interested party | Admissibility | Procedure | Mots clefs: Cour internationale de Justice | Intéressé | Recevabilité | ABSTRACT In this course, Keba Mbaye, Vice-President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), intends to give an account of a concept of interest in bringing proceedings before the ICJ in all its forms and in all cases where it is likely, even theoretically, to play a role. Within the framework of this objective, the author first presents some gene…

L’évolution de la procédure des avis consultatifs de la Cour permanente de Justice internationale (Volume 57)

(32,110 words)

Author(s): Négulesco, Démètre
Négulesco, Démètre Keywords: Permanent Court of International Justice | Advisory opinions | Procedure | Mots clefs: Cour permanente de Justice internationale | Avis consultatifs | Procédure | ABSTRACT The study undertaken by Demetre Negulesco relates to the evolution of the advisory procedure of the Permanent Court of International Justice. The author begins with a presentation of the successive phases of the evolution of the Advisory Opinions and the Principles that emerge. The author focuses on the question of the legal …

The Role of Judicial Procedures in the Process of the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes (Volume 346)

(171,361 words)

Author(s): Kawano, Mariko
Kawano, Mariko Keywords: International Court of Justice | Judicial settlement of international disputes | Procedure | Jurisdiction | International community | Public interest | Pacific settlement of disputes | Development of international law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT The course of Ms. Mariko Kawano, Professor of Waseda University in Tokyo, is devoted to the role of judicial proceedings in the peaceful settlement of disputes. The main objective of the course is to examine the different types of roles that the International Court of Ju…