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Le plagiat littéraire et artistique dans la doctrine, la législation comparée et la jurisprudence internationale (Volume 52)

(49,995 words)

Author(s): Messina, Salvatore
Messina, Salvatore Keywords: Plagiarism | Rights relating to literary and artistic works | Intellectual property | Mots clefs: Plagiat | Propriété littéraire et artistique | Propriété intellectuelle | ABSTRACT Salvatore Messina begins his course on literary and artistic plagiarism by presenting a few general concepts. He then studies plagiarism in the evolution of legal conscience. He then focuses on what the doctrine of plagiarism says to plagiarism in international legislation. He finally describes plagiarism in the regim…

The Influence of Technical Progress on Development of Creativity and the Law of Intellectual Property (Volume 190)

(36,926 words)

Author(s): Kopff, A.
Kopff, A. Keywords: Intellectual property | Software | Protection | Mots clefs: Propriété intellectuelle | Software | Protection | ABSTRACT In his course on the influence of technical progress on the development of creativity and the law of intellectual property, Andrezej Kopff, Professor at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, intends to confine himself to the question of copyright (its object, subject, limitations, and the principle of remuneration of authors). To begin his study, Professor Kopff focuses on whe…

Le cinéma et la télévision face au droit international privé (Volume 134)

(36,094 words)

Author(s): Gilbert Nonnenmacher, Georges
Gilbert Nonnenmacher, Georges Keywords: Cinematography | Intellectual property | Broadcasting | Mots clefs: Cinématographie | Propriété intellectuelle | Télévision | ABSTRACT Georges Gilbert Nonnenmacher starts his course with a presentation of Cinema and Television in the Face of International Law (free movement and partitioning of space, multiform reality, and legal complexity). He then presents the sources of private international law of cinema and television. He later focuses on the national treatment of these a…

Problèmes internationaux contemporains des brevets d’invention (Volume 171)

(33,377 words)

Author(s): Foyer, Jean
Foyer, Jean Keywords: Intellectual property | Patents | International law | Mots clefs: Propriété intellectuelle | Brevets d invention | Droit international | ABSTRACT Jean Foyer begins his course on Contemporary International Issues of Patents by presenting, on one hand, national patent systems and, on the other hand, the international patent system. He then examines the unionist system of patents in relation to the heterogenization of international society. He then focuses on the issue of the internationalization of …

The Private International Law of Copyright in an Era of Technological Change (Volume 273)

(65,127 words)

Author(s): C. Ginsburg, Jane
C. Ginsburg, Jane Keywords: Intellectual property | Copyright law | Private international law | Mots clefs: Propriété intellectuelle | Droit d'auteur | ABSTRACT Traditional international copyright rules seem to presume that international infringements will occur sequentially and slowly; but digital networks make possible multinational infringements that are simultaneous and pervasive. In this course, the author first provides an outline on the evolution of the 1886 Berne Convention and the impact of new technologies o…

La propriété intellectuelle en droit international privé (Volume 335)

(164,420 words)

Author(s): Moura Vicente, Dário
Moura Vicente, Dário Keywords: Intellectual property | Private international law | Industrial property | Unification of law | Rights relating to literary and artistic works | Unfair competition | Dispute resolution | European Union | Mots clefs: Propriété intellectuelle | Droit international privé | Propriété industrielle et scientifique | Unification du droit | Propriété litteraire et artistique | Concurrence déloyale | Règlement de litiges d'ordre juridique | Union européenne | ABSTRACT The study conducted by Dario Moura Vicente, Professor at the University of Li…

Problèmes actuels du droit international de la propriété industrielle littéraire et artistique (Volume 74)

(26,640 words)

Author(s): H. C. Bodenhausen, G.
H. C. Bodenhausen, G. Keywords: Intellectual property | Mots clefs: Propriété intellectuelle | ABSTRACT G.H.C. Bodenhausen begins his course with a presentation of the obligation to exploit the patents for inventions and the sanctions attached to the obligation. He next examines the question of disclosure of the invention by the inventor. He focuses on the exploitation of the trademark or trade, and then on various trends occurred in the field of copyright. G.H.C. Bodenhausen commence son cours par une présentation de l'obligation d'exploiter les brevets d'invention…

De la protection internationale de la propriété industrielle (Volume 39)

(58,767 words)

Author(s): Plaisant, Marcel
Plaisant, Marcel Keywords: Industrial property | Intellectual property | Mots clefs: Propriété industrielle et scientifique | Propriété intellectuelle | ABSTRACT Marcel Plaisant starts his course on the International Protection of Industrial Property by a presentation of the general principles governing the international protection of industrial property. He then studies the international life of patents, designs and models, exhibitions, and issues of jurisdiction and procedure. He also focuses on the manufacturing…

De la protection internationale des droits sur les œuvres littéraires et artistiques (Volume 12)

(70,415 words)

Author(s): Ruffini, Francesco
Ruffini, Francesco Keywords: Rights relating to literary and artistic works | Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (Berne, 9 September 1886) | Intellectual property | Copyright law | Intellectual property | Mots clefs: Propriété littéraire et artistique | Convention de Berne pour la protection des oeuvres littéraires et artistiques (Berne, 9 septembre 1886) | Propriété intellectuelle | ABSTRACT The set of rights, which Francesco Ruffini deals with in his study and which he calls Rights of Thought, has two salient and important…