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La conservation et la gestion des ressources de l’Antarctique (Volume 260)

(64,963 words)

Author(s): Francioni, Francesco
Francioni, Francesco Keywords: Antarctica | Natural resources | Environmental protection | Mots clefs: Antarctique | Ressources naturelles | Protection de la nature et de l environnement | ABSTRACT Over the past twenty years the legal system of the Antarctic has undergone a remarkable evolution. At the same time, the originating instrument, the treaty of Washington of 1959, has not undergone any modifications. Francesco Francesconi, Professor at the University or Sienna, starts his course by presenting the Treaty, and inte…

International Liability for the Injurious Consequences of Acts Not Prohibited by International Law and Protection of the Environment (Volume 247)

(35,638 words)

Author(s): Barboza, Julio
Barboza, Julio Keywords: Environmental protection | Environmental pollution | Environmental damage | Accountability | Transboundary pollution | State responsibility | Civil liability | Mots clefs: Responsabilité | Pollution transfrontière | Protection de la nature et de l environnement | ABSTRACT Customary international law on liability for the injurious consequences of acts not prohibited by international law is not fully developed. In this course, the author considers the relationship between liability and the international law of e…

Means of Ensuring Compliance with and Enforcement of International Environmental Law (Volume 272)

(55,532 words)

Author(s): Wolfrum, Rüdiger
Wolfrum, Rüdiger Keywords: Environmental protection | International law | Mots clefs: Protection de la nature et de l environnement | Droit international | ABSTRACT Rüdiger Wolfrum, director of the Max-Planck Institute Comparative Public Law and International Law, splits his course on the means of ensuring compliance with and enforcement of international law into seven chapters. After an introductory chapter, Rüdiger Wolfrum describes the régimes that have been designed to ensure that the obligations to provide for the…

International Protection of the Environment (Volume 293)

(189,306 words)

Author(s): A. Fitzmaurice, Malgosia
A. Fitzmaurice, Malgosia Keywords: Environmental protection | International environmental law | Environmental damage | Accountability | Judicial settlement of international disputes | Non-compliance | Mots clefs: Protection de la nature et de l environnement | ABSTRACT International environmental law is part and parcel of international law and it should be viewed from that perspective, according to Professor Fitzmaurice, Professor at Queen Mary College at the University of London. Certain features of international environmental la…

The Settlement of Disputes in the Field of the International Law of the Environment (Volume 144)

(34,972 words)

Author(s): B. Bilder, Richard
B. Bilder, Richard Keywords: Environmental protection | Dispute resolution | Judicial settlement of international disputes | Mots clefs: Protection de la nature et de l environnement | Règlement de litiges d ordre juridique | Règlement judiciaire des différends internationaux | ABSTRACT The objectives of course of Richard Bilder, Professor at the University of Wisconsin, on the Settlement of Disputes in the Field of International Law of the Environment are: to examine the nature of international environmental disputes and their importa…

Perspectives from International Economic Law on Transnational Environmental Issues (Volume 253)

(59,632 words)

Author(s): Murase, Shinya
Murase, Shinya Keywords: Environmental protection | International economic law | Mots clefs: Protection de la nature et de l environnement | Droit international économique | ABSTRACT This course presented by Shinya Murase, Professor at the Sophia University in Tokyo, has two objectives. First of all, Professor Murase aims to demonstrate the usefulness of utilizing an approach of international economic law to analyze certain transnational environmental issues. Professor Muase shows that international economic law and inte…

Regional Conventions on the Protection of the Marine Environment (Volume 162)

(51,101 words)

Author(s): A. de Yturriaga, José
A. de Yturriaga, José Keywords: Sea | Environmental protection | Regionalism | Conventions | Marine pollution | Mots clefs: Espace maritime | Protection de la nature et de l environnement | Régionalisme | Conventions | Pollution des eaux de la mer | ABSTRACT In this course, Jose A. De Yturriaga intends to report on regional efforts to preserve the marine environment and to protect the environment from pollution. After a chapter presenting the general lines of the question, the author examines the issue of pollution discharges, pollution …