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The Influence of Technical Progress on Development of Creativity and the Law of Intellectual Property (Volume 190)

(36,926 words)

Author(s): Kopff, A.
Kopff, A. Keywords: Intellectual property | Software | Protection | Mots clefs: Propriété intellectuelle | Software | Protection | ABSTRACT In his course on the influence of technical progress on the development of creativity and the law of intellectual property, Andrezej Kopff, Professor at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, intends to confine himself to the question of copyright (its object, subject, limitations, and the principle of remuneration of authors). To begin his study, Professor Kopff focuses on whe…

The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and the Legal Treatment of Foreign Investment (Volume 203)

(84,055 words)

Author(s): F. I. Shihata, Ibrahim
F. I. Shihata, Ibrahim Keywords: Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency | Foreign direct investment | Protection | Mots clefs: Agence multilatérale de garantie des investissements | Investissement | Protection | ABSTRACT Ibrahim Shihata, Vice-President and General Counsel at the World Bank, proposes in his course a systematic study of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and its role in the legal treatment of foreign investment. After a historical review of the establishment of the agency, the author examine…

La protection internationale des biens culturels en cas de conflit armé (Volume 120)

(34,445 words)

Author(s): E. Nahlik, Stanisław
E. Nahlik, Stanisław Keywords: Monuments of architecture, art or history | Cultural heritage | Protection | Laws of war | Mots clefs: Monuments d’architecture, d art ou historiques | Droit de la guerre | ABSTRACT The rules concerning the international protection of cultural wealth in case of armed conflict have been codified in the form of Hague Convention in 1954. This convention until now (1967) constitutes the peak of a long historical process which Stanislaw Nahlik intends to study. In order to explain the policy of internati…

Co-existence and Co-Ordination of Mechanisms of International Protection of Human Rights (at Global and Regional Levels) (Volume 202)

(169,605 words)

Author(s): A. Cançado Trindade, A.
A. Cançado Trindade, A. Keywords: Human rights | Protection | International law | Mots clefs: Droits de l'homme | Protection | Droit international | ABSTRACT Mr. Cancado Trindade, Legal Adviser to the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, describes the constant and considerable development of international protection of human rights, whether at the international level or at the regional level. The development has revealed the problems of cohabitation between the different systems. The subject of the course is the coexi…

La protection des mineurs en droit international privé (Volume 112)

(18,793 words)

Author(s): E. Von Steiger, Werner
E. Von Steiger, Werner Keywords: Children | Protection | Private international law | Mino | Mots clefs: Enfants | Protection | Droit international privé | Mineurs | ABSTRACT Werner von Steiger begins his course with a presentation of various elements of the Protection of Minors in Private International Law. He examines the earlier situation at the beginning of the twentieth century (principles of nationality and domicile). He then presents the social and legal developments during the twentieth century. The author focuses o…

Protection of Investment in the Context of Petroleum Agreements (Volume 204)

(56,937 words)

Author(s): Z. El Chiati, A.
Z. El Chiati, A. Keywords: Oil | Concessions | Foreign direct investment | Protection | Mots clefs: Pétrole et produits pétroliers | Concessions | Investissement | Protection | ABSTRACT A.Z. El Chiati, Legal Counsel at Amoco Corporation, in London, has set the objective to his course to examine the guarantees offered by governments of developing countries in Africa and Middle East to encourage exploration and exploitation of petroleum in their countries. In most cases, the State agrees to include protective clauses in their…

La protection des minorités (Volume 1)

(62,469 words)

Author(s): Mandelstam, André
Mandelstam, André Keywords: Minorities | Protection | Mots clefs: Minorités | Protection | ABSTRACT The first part of the course of Andre Mandelstam is devoted to the origins of minority rights: protection of human rights in the countries of Christianity, human intervention in Turkey and its repercussions in Europe, protection of human and national rights in the doctrine of international law, influence of social factors on the protection of minorities (socialism, pacifism, Jewish action), attitudes of allied …