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The Different Types of Armed Conflicts According to the Geneva Conventions and Protocols (Volume )

(15,870 words)

Author(s): Schindler, Dietrich
Schindler, Dietrich Keywords: Armed conflicts | International humanitarian law | National liberation waGeneva Conventions (1949) | Protocols | Mots clefs: Conflits armés | Droit humanitaire international | Guerres de libération nationale | ABSTRACT The Course of Dietrich Schindler, Professor at the University of Zurich, deals with four types of armed conflict distinguished by 1949 Geneva Conventions and two 1977 protocols: international armed conflicts, wars of national liberation, non-international armed conflicts under Articl…

L’extension du statut de combattant à la lumière du protocole I de Genève de 1977 (Volume 164)

(30,798 words)

Author(s): E. Nahlik, Stanisław
E. Nahlik, Stanisław Keywords: Combatants and non-combatants | International humanitarian law | Prisoners of war | Geneva Conventions (1949) | Protocols | Mots clefs: Combattants et non-combattants | Droit humanitaire international | Prisonniers de guerre | Conventions de Genève | Protocoles | ABSTRACT Among the problems faced in attempting to regulate the law of war, the fate of people in power of the enemy, prisoners of war, has been a subject of an interesting development. In the past, the prisoners were killed. Then, they were sent t…

The Implementation and Enforcement of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and of the Two Additional Protocols of 1978 (Volume 164)

(19,492 words)

Author(s): Draper, G.I.A.D.
Draper, G.I.A.D. Keywords: International humanitarian law | Geneva Conventions (1949) | Protocols | Enforcement | Mots clefs: Droit humanitaire international | ABSTRACT G.I.A.D. Draper dedicates this course to the Implementation and Application of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and to the Additional Protocols of 1978. In the chapter dealing with the implementation of these instruments, the author speaks about protective power, dissemination and instruction, legal advisors in armed forces, use of qualified persons, im…

Wars of National Liberation in the Geneva Conventions and Protocols (Volume 165)

(33,450 words)

Author(s): Abi-Saab, Georges
Abi-Saab, Georges Keywords: National liberation waInternational humanitarian law | Geneva Conventions (1949) | Protocols | Mots clefs: Guerres de libération nationale | Droit humanitaire international | ABSTRACT Georges Ali-Saab’s course aims to describe and evaluate, in relation to the issue of liberation wars, the results of the most recent efforts to reaffirm and develop international humanitarian law applicable to armed conflicts. This effort led to the adoption, in 1977, of two additional protocols to the 1949 Geneva…

Reflections on the Relevance of Public International Law to Private International Law Treaty Making Opening Lecture, Private International Law Session, 2009 (Volume 340)

(19,132 words)

Author(s): R. Beaumont, Paul
R. Beaumont, Paul Keywords: Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (Vienna, 23 May 1969) | Law of treaties | Interpretation | Reservations | Conventions | Private international law | Public international law | Convention on Choice of Court Agreements (The Hague, 30 june 2005) | Convention sur le recouvrement international des aliments destinés aux enfants et à d'autres membres de la famille (La Haye, 23 novembre 2007) | Convention on the Law Applicable to Maintenance Obligations (The Hague, 2 October 1973) | Protocols | 2007 | Hague Conference on Private International Law | Statutes | Re…