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Pan-Africanism and International Law (Volume 369)

(69,493 words)

Author(s): A. Yusuf, Abdulqawi
A. Yusuf, Abdulqawi Keywords: Africa | Pan-africanism | Organization of African Unity | African Union | Public international law | International law | Universalism | Decolonization | Regionalism | Public law | International law and domestic law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT The course starts by giving the origins and the evolution of Pan-Africanism. It explains how, in the nineteenth century, international law was framed as a Eurocentric public law, the jus publicum Europaeum which did encounter Pan-Africanism, and put aside human rights and human dignity in its way to tre…

La conception de l’État et de l’ordre légal dans l’Islam (Volume 75)

(31,278 words)

Author(s): Milliot, Louis
Milliot, Louis Keywords: States | Islamic law | Islam | Public law | Mots clefs: Etats | Droit islamique | Islam | Droit public | ABSTRACT In the seventh century, Louis Milliot writes in the introduction to his course, the Orient, a fertile land of beliefs, gave birth to one more religion: Islam. But Islam is not only a religion. It is a culture, in the modern sense of expression, that is, a civilization. We have, in particular, the author continues, legal institutions marked by a great originality. Louis Milliot identifies two issues of great importance: the State and the legal order. Au VIIe s…

The Relationship between Public and Private Law and the Rules of Conflict of Laws (Volume 102)

(41,648 words)

Author(s): Riphagen, W.
Riphagen, W. Keywords: Public order | Private international law | Public international law | Public law | Mots clefs: Ordre public | Droit international privé | Droit international public | Droit public | ABSTRACT W. Riphagen points out in the introduction to his course that the relationship between public international law and private international law is not one of the issues of greatest concern to lawyers in the field; it has given rise to many theoretical debates. The author successively focuses on the technique of conflict …

Conflict of Laws and Public Law (Volume 132)

(36,282 words)

Author(s): A. Mann, F.
A. Mann, F. Keywords: Public law | Private international law | Mots clefs: Droit public | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT F. A. Mann points out that private international law jurists are confronted with two aspects of public international law. Each of the two aspects forms a part of the course. After a few general introductory remarks on private international law and public international law, the author first examines the relationship between the law of the forum and its own public law. He then focuses on the r…