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The Law of International Payments (Volume 79)

(80,244 words)

Author(s): Hug, Walther
Hug, Walther Keywords: Régime des paiements | International law | Exchange control | Monitoring | Mots clefs: Paiements | Droit international | Devises | Contrôle | ABSTRACT The objective of Walther Hug's course is to critically examine various new rules concerning international payments and to consider their effects on private legal relations. The new law on international payments must serve certain economic objectives as a starting point. In the first part, the author presents the bases of the Law of International Payme…

Trade and Finance in International Law (Volume 123)

(34,594 words)

Author(s): Fawcett, J.
Fawcett, J. Keywords: International trade | Finances | International law | Régime des paiements | General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade | International Monetary Fund | Mots clefs: Commerce international | Finances | Droit international | Paiements | Accord général sur les tarifs douaniers et le commerce | Fonds monétaire international | ABSTRACT The course of J. Fawcett aims at identifying certain general legal concepts involved in the area of international trade and international finance, and at describing the manner in which they contribute to …

Quelques aspects juridiques de la coopération intergouvernementale en matière d’échanges et de paiements internationaux (Volume 124)

(48,630 words)

Author(s): Giuliano, Mario
Giuliano, Mario Keywords: Régime des paiements | International financial law | International co-operation | Mots clefs: Paiements | Droit international financier | Coopération internationale | ABSTRACT Marion Giuliano, Professor at the University of Milan, presents four major topics related to the law of inter-governmental cooperation regarding international exchanges and payments. First of all, he focuses on bilateral cooperation related to exchanges (custom rights and restrictive commercial regulations), and then on th…

Les transferts internationaux de fonds La loi type des Nations Unies sur les virements internationaux. Les cartes de débit (Volume 239)

(106,534 words)

Author(s): Vasseur, Michel
Vasseur, Michel Keywords: UNCITRAL Model Law on International Credit Transfers [Vienna, 1992] | Banks | Régime des paiements | Payment cards | Mots clefs: Loi type de la CNUDCI sur les virements internationaux [Vienne, 1992] | Banques | Paiements | Cartes de paiement | ABSTRACT The topic of this course by Michel Vasseur, Professor of the University Paris II, is money transfers and payment cards, in as much as both are instruments of international transfers of funds. The first part of the course is devoted to international transfer of funds…

Les Paiements Internationaux (Volume 14)

(19,829 words)

Author(s): Jèze, Gaston
Jèze, Gaston Keywords: Régime des paiements | Financial relations | Mots clefs: Paiements | Relations financières | ABSTRACT Two countries can be creditor and debtor to each other. They have payments to make to each other. In the broad sense of the word, there is a need for international payment. Gaston Jeze explores the international payments from the perspective of international law by focusing on the approach to the issue of international payments: normal or exceptional cases, payment processes, and essential …