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Legal Problems Relating to Refugees and Displaced Persons (Volume 149)

(21,123 words)

Author(s): Aga Khan, Sadruddin
Aga Khan, Sadruddin Keywords: Refugees | Internally displaced persons | Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (Geneva, 28 July 1951) | United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees | Mots clefs: Réfugiés | Personnes déplacées dans leur propre pays | Convention relative au statut des réfugiés (Genève, 28 juillet 1951) | Haut commissariat des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés | ABSTRACT The main objective of Sadruddin Aga Khan’s course on Legal Problems Relating to Refugees and Displaced Persons is to present the progress made in the international ass…

Droit d’asile et des réfugiés De la protection aux droits (Volume 332)

(136,240 words)

Author(s): Carlier, Jean-Yves
Carlier, Jean-Yves Keywords: Refugees | Right of asylum | Non-refoulement | Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (Geneva, 28 July 1951) | Rights | Mots clefs: Réfugiés | Droit d'asile | Non-refoulement | Droits | ABSTRACT The course of Jean-Yves Carlier, Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain, is guided by a double objective, one positive and the other negative. The negative objective is not to repeat what has already been done in the area, and the positive objective to propose a defense is to propose a synthetic …

Aspects juridiques des mouvements forcés de personnes (Volume 393)

(59,636 words)

Author(s): Ruiz De Santiago, Jaime
Ruiz De Santiago, Jaime Keywords: Human rights | Migration | Refugees ABSTRACT From the 19th century, human migratory movements have reached very significant proportions. The phenomenon of migration owes its importance not only to its increasing growth, but also to its importance in international law. In this course, Jaime Ruiz De Santiago explores some of the characteristics of these migratory movements and the consequences that they have had on the level of international law. The author outlines some of t…

The Problem of Refugees (Volume 82)

(35,904 words)

Author(s): G. J. Van Heuven Goedhart, Dr.
G. J. Van Heuven Goedhart, Dr. Keywords: Refugees | Mots clefs: Réfugiés | ABSTRACT After a study of the concept of refugee, G. J. Van Heuven Goedhart presents the international organizations concerned with the issue of refugees. The author then discusses the main issues related to the problem of refugees posed in 1952: the contribution of the 1951 Geneva Convention, statelessness and refugees, permanent solutions to the refugee problem, repatriation, migration and resettlement, and the assimilation of refuge…

La protection internationale des réfugiés et des personnes déplacées dans les conflits armés (Volume 306)

(59,853 words)

Author(s): Oriol, Casanovas
Oriol, Casanovas Keywords: Refugees | Armed conflicts | International humanitarian law | Internally displaced persons | Mots clefs: Réfugiés | Conflits armés | Droit humanitaire international | Personnes déplacées dans leur propre pays | ABSTRACT In his course, Professor Oriol Casanovas undertakes a tripartite analysis of the international protection of refugees and displaced persons in armed conflicts. In the first part, Professor Casanovas presents the different elements of the international regulation for protection while depl…

Displaced Persons and International Law (Volume 73)

(21,042 words)

Author(s): Reut-nicolussi, E.
Reut-nicolussi, E. Keywords: Refugees | Mots clefs: Réfugiés | ABSTRACT E. Reut-Nicolussi devotes his course to relations between displaced persons and International Law. After a presentation of the theoretical aspects of the relation between the State and the individual, the author presents the displaced persons problem as a matter of international concern. He then examines the position of "displaced persons" in the narrower sense. E. Reut-Nicolussi consacre son cours aux rapports entre personnes déplacées et droit international. Après une présentation des …

Les aspects juridiques actuels du problème des réfugiés (Volume 114)

(37,448 words)

Author(s): Schnyder, F.
Schnyder, F. Keywords: Refugees | Mots clefs: Réfugiés | ABSTRACT Felix Schnyder explains in the introduction to his course that the fundamental notion of asylum, which governs all other notions of refugee law, has been emerging from earliest times. On the other hand, he writes that everything that is new is the idea of a collective responsibility of the community of States in dealing with the problem of refugees. In the first part, the author focuses on the question of international community's understan…

World Peace and the Refugee Problem (Volume 75)

(49,322 words)

Author(s): Balogh, Elemér
Balogh, Elemér Keywords: Refugees | Mots clefs: Réfugiés | ABSTRACT Elemer Balogh notes in the introduction to his course that the issue of refugees and massive displacements of populations following the former victories of the axis powers still remains, in 1949, one of the most tragic issues. After a series of developments on refugees and asylum, historical refugees, anti-Semitism, forced migration, and refugee mentality, the author focuses on the current and future practical problems and the possible so…