Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law


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Problèmes internationaux de l’or (Volume 37)

(35,230 words)

Author(s): Garino Canina, Attilio
Garino Canina, Attilio Keywords: Gold | Monetary policy | Financial relations | Mots clefs: Or | Politique monétaire | Relations financières | ABSTRACT The course of Attilio Garino Canina reflects above all the exceptional events that have occurred in recent years, and the grave difficulties that have troubled people's lives in the hard spiritual, economic, and political struggles derived from the war. The author notes, however, that the uncertainty of the financial situation has served to highlight some shortcomings …

Les Paiements Internationaux (Volume 14)

(19,829 words)

Author(s): Jèze, Gaston
Jèze, Gaston Keywords: Régime des paiements | Financial relations | Mots clefs: Paiements | Relations financières | ABSTRACT Two countries can be creditor and debtor to each other. They have payments to make to each other. In the broad sense of the word, there is a need for international payment. Gaston Jeze explores the international payments from the perspective of international law by focusing on the approach to the issue of international payments: normal or exceptional cases, payment processes, and essential …

Les contrôles financiers internationaux (Volume 5)

(43,517 words)

Author(s): Andréadès, André
Andréadès, André Keywords: Financial relations | Monitoring | Loans | Mots clefs: Relations financières | Contrôle | Prêts | ABSTRACT After a presentation of the general principles of international financial controls (these being defined as "the control exercised by a group of powerful countries in order to protect the interests of their nationals, individuals, or banks, as creditors of the controlled State and with the objective of preventing acts of bad financial administration which would harm them"), Andre Andr…

L’entraide financière internationale (Volume 5)

(19,418 words)

Author(s): John Fischer Williams K. C., Sir
John Fischer Williams K. C., Sir Keywords: League of Nations | Financial and technical aid | International co-operation | Financial relations | Mots clefs: Société des Nations | Aide financière | Coopération internationale | Relations financières | ABSTRACT The study of Sir John Fischer Williams is concerned with the assistance of the wealthiest States to states of less fortunate circumstances in financial matters. All the facts presented by the author are subsequent to First World War. After a presentation of general considerations…