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La responsabilité des États et la fixation des dommages et intérêts par les tribunaux internationaux (Volume 28)

(21,678 words)

Author(s): Salvioli, Gabriele
Salvioli, Gabriele Keywords: State responsibility | Damage | Compensation for damage | Mots clefs: Responsabilité des Etats | Dommages | Compensation | ABSTRACT The starting point of Gabriele Salvioli’s course is the acceptance of a fundamental principle of international law - which is at the same time a general conception of law - that "any breach of an obligation" in the broad sense - includes the obligation to reparation. One of the forms of reparation in international law consists of an indemnity corresponding to …

Les sujets du droit international et la responsabilité internationale Nouvelles tendances (Volume 84)

(93,048 words)

Author(s): Th. Eustathiades, Constantin
Th. Eustathiades, Constantin Keywords: Subjects of international law | Accountability | State responsibility | Mots clefs: Sujets du droit international | Responsabilité | Responsabilité des Etats | ABSTRACT Constantin Th. Eustathiades begins his course on the new trends affecting the concept of the subject of international law and the international responsibility with a study of the subjects of international law, within the framework of which, in particular, the problem of the individual subject of international law is ad…

Le délit international (Volume 68)

(48,358 words)

Author(s): Ago, Roberto
Ago, Roberto Keywords: State responsibility | Mots clefs: Responsabilité des Etats | ABSTRACT The problem of determination of the legal nature of International Offence, that is, the problem of the origin of the international responsibility of States, undoubtedly constitutes one of the most delicate and most serious issues of public international law, notes Roberto Ago. The author starts his course by a presentation of the notion of international offence. He then presents the constitutive elements of internat…

Multilateral Rights and Obligations in International Law (Volume 319)

(59,655 words)

Author(s): Crawford, James
Crawford, James Keywords: Obligations of the state | Public international law | Development of international law | Ius cogens | International Law Commission | State responsibility | United Nations | Charter | International Court of Justice | Mots clefs: Obligations des états | Droit international public | Développement du droit international | Jus cogens | Commission du droit international | Responsabilité des Etats | Nations Unies | Charte | Cour internationale de Justice | ABSTRACT The author, director of the Lauterpacht Center for International Law, examines in this…

Responsabilité de l’État pour violation des obligations positives relatives aux droits de l’homme (Volume 333)

(128,544 words)

Author(s): Pisillo Mazzeschi, Riccardo
Pisillo Mazzeschi, Riccardo Keywords: Human rights | International obligations | Infraction | State responsibility | Mots clefs: Droits de l’homme | Obligations internationales | Violation | Responsabilité des Etats | ABSTRACT Riccardo Pisillo Mazzeschi, Professor at the University of Siena, points out in the introduction to his course that the subject of positive obligations of States in the field of international human rights protection and the possible violation of obligations has acquired an increasing importance, both fr…

State Responsibility Some New Problems (Volume 94)

(44,527 words)

Author(s): V. Garcia Amador, F.
V. Garcia Amador, F. Keywords: State responsibility | Mots clefs: Responsabilité des Etats | ABSTRACT In 1953, the General Assembly requested the International Law Commission to undertake the task of codifying the principles of international law governing State responsibility. But the codification of these principles at the present stage (1958) of development of international law encounters problems not existing at the time of initial work established under the aegis of the League of Nations. The study of these problems is the subject of Francisco Garcia Amador's course. L'assembl…

Principes généraux de la responsabilité internationale d’après la doctrine et la jurisprudence (Volume 96)

(32,730 words)

Author(s): Accioly, Hildebrando
Accioly, Hildebrando Keywords: State responsibility | Legal principles | Public international law | Mots clefs: Responsabilité des Etats | Principes généraux du droit | Droit international public | ABSTRACT International responsibility, according to Hildebrando Accioly, is a legal position based on the well-known principle that, in the Community of Nations, as in civil society, all members of the Community, in their mutual relations, must observe rules of justice and respect their commitments. After a presentation of the ge…

La responsabilité des États a raison des crimes et délits commis sur leur territoire au préjudice d’étrangers (Volume 36)

(24,949 words)

Author(s): Dumas, Jacques
Dumas, Jacques Keywords: Criminal offences | State responsibility | Mots clefs: Délits | Responsabilité des Etats | ABSTRACT Jacques Dumas begins his course by explaining why the territorial laws are insufficient to ensure the repression of the offenses committed against foreigners. He then asks whether and under what conditions the State of the place of the offense is liable to the State of the victim’s nationality. The author focuses on the possible causes of irresponsibility, on the rules to follow to implemen…

La responsabilité résultant de la violation des obligations à 1’égard de la communauté internationale (Volume 153)

(19,786 words)

Author(s): Starace, Vincenzo
Starace, Vincenzo Keywords: State responsibility | Mots clefs: Responsabilité des Etats | ABSTRACT The problem that forms the subject of the course of Vincenzo Starace, Professor at the University of Bari, is whether it is justified, according to contemporary international law, to distinguish the regime of State’s responsibility on account of the content of the violated international obligation, and more specifically whether it is justified that the State violating certain international obligations, characte…

Le fait générateur de la responsabilité internationale des États (Volume 188)

(43,710 words)

Author(s): Dupuy, Pierre-Marie
Dupuy, Pierre-Marie Keywords: International Law Commission | State responsibility | Mots clefs: Commission du droit international | Responsabilité des Etats | ABSTRACT Pierre-Marie Dupuy, Professor at the University of Law, Economics, and Social Sciences in Paris, successively examines wrongful facts and so-called "facts not prohibited by international law". The criterion of differentiation between the two categories refers to the analysis of the criteria for identifying the legality of a fact of the State, under int…

Responsibility of States for Unlawful Acts of Their Armed Forces (Volume 88)

(57,093 words)

Author(s): V. Freeman, Alwyn
V. Freeman, Alwyn Keywords: Armed forces | State responsibility | Cultural heritage | …

Jus Cogens beyond the Vienna Convention (Volume 172)

(18,578 words)

Author(s): Gaja, Giorgio
Gaja, Giorgio Keywords: Ius cogens | Public international law | Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (Vienna, 2…

Liability for Ultra-Hazardous Activities in International Law (Volume 117)

(33,699 words)

Author(s): Wilfred Jenks, C.
Wilfred Jenks, C. Keywords: Civil liability | State responsibility | Mots clefs: Responsabilité civile | Responsabilité des Etats | ABSTRACT C. Wilfried Jenks points out in his introduction that there are a growing number of exceptions to the principle that liability under international law is solely based on fault. Are these exceptions considered as anomalies or indicative of a modification of the principle? C. Wilfried Jenks attempts to answer to the questions in his co…