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Legal Status of Natural Resources in International Law (Some Aspects) (Volume 162)

(24,628 words)

Author(s): Brownlie, Ian
Brownlie, Ian Keywords: Natural resources | Sovereignty | Common heritage of mankind | New international economic order | Mots clefs: Ressources naturelles | Souveraineté | Patrimoine commun de l humanité | Nouvel ordre économique international | ABSTRACT The objective of Ian Brownlie’s course, Professor of Law at the University of London, is to explore some aspects of the legal regime for access to certain natural resources. This survey focuses not only on the existing legal rules and emerging principles, but also on the feasibili…

Environment, Development, Resources (Volume 318)

(66,910 words)

Author(s): Bothe, Michael
Bothe, Michael Keywords: Natural resources | Economic development | Environmental protection | Social justice | Sustainable development | Mots clefs: Ressources naturelles | Développement économique | Protection de la nature et de l'environnement | Justice distributive | Développement durable | ABSTRACT The environment, development, and natural resources constitute the main challenge for the international order of our time, and also for the international law. Michael Bothe, Professor at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfur…

International Law of the Resources of the Sea (Volume 127)

(39,937 words)

Author(s): Oda, Shigeru
Oda, Shigeru Keywords: Natural resources | Law of the sea | Deep seabed | Fisheries | Continental shelf | Mots clefs: Ressources naturelles | Droit de la mer | Fond de la mer | Pêche | Plateau continental | ABSTRACT Shigeru Oda, Professor at Tohoku University in Sendai, devotes his course to International Law of the Resources of the Sea. In the first part, he studies the international law of the sea relating to living marine resources: powers of the State on the coastal zone, control of maritime resources on the high seas, and special…

Le principe de la souveraineté sur les ressources nationales et ses incidences juridiques sur le commerce international (Volume 149)

(27,736 words)

Author(s): Elian, George
Elian, George Keywords: Natural resources | Sovereignty | International trade | Mots clefs: Ressources naturelles | Souveraineté | Commerce international | ABSTRACT George Elian begins his course with a presentation of contemporary aspects of sovereignty over natural resources. He then examines the modalities of integration of economies (common market, EFTA, CMEA). The author then discusses the influence of certain inter-State organizations on the exercise of sovereignty over natural resources, outlines the principle…

La conservation et la gestion des ressources de l’Antarctique (Volume 260)

(64,963 words)

Author(s): Francioni, Francesco
Francioni, Francesco Keywords: Antarctica | Natural resources | Environmental protection | Mots clefs: Antarctique | Ressources naturelles | Protection de la nature et de l environnement | ABSTRACT Over the past twenty years the legal system of the Antarctic has undergone a remarkable evolution. At the same time, the originating instrument, the treaty of Washington of 1959, has not undergone any modifications. Francesco Francesconi, Professor at the University or Sienna, starts his course by presenting the Treaty, and inte…