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Entre multilatéralisme et unilatéralisme: l’autorisation par le conseil de sécurité de recourir à la force (Volume 339)

(179,121 words)

Author(s): Sicilianos, Linos-Alexandre
Sicilianos, Linos-Alexandre Keywords: United Nations | Security Council | Charter | Use of force | International relations | Collective security | Mots clefs: Nations Unies | Conseil de sécurité | Charte | Force | Relations internationales | Sécurité collective | ABSTRACT In the introduction to his course, Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos, Associate Professor at the University of Athens, notes that the theme of the Security Council's authorization to use force lies at the centre of two contradictory trends that mark contemporary evolution of…

Les accords régionaux dans la Charte de L’O. N. U. (Volume 80)

(25,243 words)

Author(s): Saba, Hanna
Saba, Hanna Keywords: United Nations | Charter | Regionalism | Collective security | Mots clefs: Nations Unies | Charte | Régionalisme | Sécurité collective | ABSTRACT The danger of aggression by a powerful neighbor can create defense solidarity. In addition, there are also sociological solidarities, cultural solidarities, economic solidarities, as well as solidarities that exist due to the similarity of social and economic conditions. In this course, Hanna Saba first deals with the evolution of philosophical thought and…

La coordination des systèmes de l’ONU et de l’Organisation des États américains pour le règlement pacifique des différends et la sécurité collective (Volume 111)

(38,214 words)

Author(s): Eduardo Jimenez De Arechaga, M.
Eduardo Jimenez De Arechaga, M. Keywords: United Nations | Organization of American States | Pacific settlement of disputes | Collective security | Mots clefs: Nations Unies | Organisation des Etats américains | Règlement pacifique des différends internationaux | Sécurité collective | ABSTRACT Eduardo Jumenez de Arechaga analyzes in his course the coordination relationship of systems of United Nations and Organization of American States for peaceful settlement of disputes. After a general presentation of the elements of the coordination…

International Organization and Collective Security: Changing Values and Priorities (Volume 138)

(12,387 words)

Author(s): A. Gross, Ernest
A. Gross, Ernest Keywords: United Nations | Charter | Collective security | Mots clefs: Nations Unies | Charte | Sécurité collective | ABSTRACT Ernest Gross emphasizes in the introduction of his course that observers and practitioners wonder about where the great unpopularity of international collaboration institutions comes from or how often they are ignored, even though they have a certain link with human well-being and progress. The author proposes in this course to present the causes of these inconsistencies. Afte…