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Tendances contemporaines du développement du droit spatial international (Volume 161)

(36,378 words)

Author(s): P. Zhukov, Guennady
P. Zhukov, Guennady Keywords: Space | Development of international law | Space law | Mots clefs: Espace cosmique | Développement du droit international | Droit cosmique | ABSTRACT Guennady Zhukov, Professor at the Institute of the State and Law of Moscow, points out that international space law is formed and developed literally before our eyes, while international maritime law has been formed over several centuries and…

Notions de territoire et d’espace dans l’aménagement des rapports internationaux contemporains (Volume 157)

(24,489 words)

Author(s): de La Pradelle, Paul
de La Pradelle, Paul Keywords: Sea | Space | Territory | Mots clefs: Espace maritime | Espace cosmique | Territoire | ABSTRACT Paul de La Pradelle…

The Problems of the Frontiers of Outer Space and Air Space (Volume 174)

(14,941 words)

Author(s): Goedhuis, D.
Goedhuis, D. Keywords: Space | Borders | Delimitation | Mots clefs: Espace cosmique | Frontières | Délimitation | ABSTRACT In this course, Daniel Goedhuis, Professor at the University of Leiden, presents the main problems related to space and air law. After an introduction to the divergent interpretations o…

Conflicts of Law and Divergencies in the Legal Regimes of Air Space and Outer Space (Volume 109)

(28,558 words)

Author(s): Goedhuis, Daniel
Goedhuis, Daniel Keywords: Airspace | Legal regime | Space | Space law | Mots clefs: Espace aérien | Régime juridique | Espace cosmique | ABSTRACT In his course on conflict of laws and divergencies in the legal regimes of air and space law, Daniel Goedhuis focuses on the following issues: he intends to make a comparative study of the legal status of airspace and outer space, the legal status of aircraft using both spaces, and legislative procedures used in both fields; presents the ways and means used to resolve or redu…

The International Law of Outer Space (Volume 113)

(44,089 words)

Author(s): Lachs, Manfred
Lachs, Manfred Keywords: Space | Space law | Mots clefs: Droit cosmique | ABSTRACT Manfred Lachs presents in the introduction to his course a new dimension of international law: space law. He begins his course with a reminder of man's entry into space and the creation of the rules of law that it requires. He then examines the history of the first texts, the prohibition of national appropriation of space objects and the status of space, objects and persons (astronauts), the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of States, and the issue of telecommunications. Manfred Lachs présente e…