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Les problèmes coloniaux et les classiques espagnols du droit des gens (Volume 86)

(49,962 words)

Author(s): G. F. Castañón, César
G. F. Castañón, César Keywords: Colonies | Spain | Colonialism | Mots clefs: Colonies espagnoles | Espagne | Colonialisme | ABSTRACT Cesar G.F. Castanon writes in the introduction to his course that if colonies and colonial problems, although with a different nomenclature, remain in 1954, even with the transformations naturally produced by the time and modalities of the 1950s, which in some way is reminiscent of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, it seems beyond doubt that it is of utmost interest to study, in a…

Conception du droit international privé d’après la doctrine et la pratique en Espagne (Volume 31)

(27,631 words)

Author(s): Trias De Bes, J.-M.
Trias De Bes, J.-M. Keywords: Spain | Private international law | Mots clefs: Espagne | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT J.-M. Trias de Bes devotes his course to Spanish private international law. After a presentation of the historical evolution from the conquest by the Visigoths, the author first focuses on the personal relations, the regime of the goods and the form of the acts. He studies the principle of the autonomy of Will, the concept of public policy, the solution of referral and the concept of fraud ag…

Le Droit des gens dans l’Espagne du XVIIIe siècle (Volume 81)

(48,899 words)

Author(s): Herrero, Alejandro
Herrero, Alejandro Keywords: Spain | Public international law | Legal history | Mots clefs: Espagne | Droit international public | Histoire du droit | ABSTRACT After a general presentation of Spain's international law practice in the 18th century, Alejandro Herrero presents some authors and their works. He focuses on the concept of Jus Gentium among the 18th century Spanish authors. He presents a debate on the domination or instead on the freedom of the sea. The author discusses the subsequent developments on the issue of maritime warfare. Après une présentation générale de la pro…

Fernando Vazquez de Menchaca (1512-1569) L’école espagnole du droit international du XVIe siècle (Volume 67)

(35,749 words)

Author(s): Barcia Trelles, Camilo
Barcia Trelles, Camilo Keywords: Spain | International law | Doctrines | Legal history | Fernando Vazquez de Menchaca (1512-1569) | Mots clefs: Espagne | Droit international | Doctrines | Histoire du droit | ABSTRACT In his course, Camillo Barcia Trelles intends to study the international ideas of Fernando Vasquez de Menchaca, regarding which writes the author, there is a curious contradiction, in the sense that he was once most famous by his name and most neglected in his substance. After a presentation of the life and work of …