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Transactions between States and Public Firms and Foreign Private Firms (A Methodological Study) (Volume 136)

(47,211 words)

Author(s): Goldschmidt, Werner
Goldschmidt, Werner Keywords: State contracts | Public international law | International commercial law | Mots clefs: Droit international public | Droit commercial international | ABSTRACT Werner Goldschmidt presents, in the introduction of this course devoted to a methodological study of transactions between States and public firms and foreign private firms, the methods dealing with the subject: normology and trialism. In the primary part of his course, the author presents, on one hand, a normological approach to trans…

Le droit international et les obligations financières internationales qui naissent d’un contrat (Volume 1)

(29,873 words)

Author(s): John Fischer Williams K. C., Sir
John Fischer Williams K. C., Sir Keywords: External debts | State contracts | International law | Claims | Mots clefs: Dettes étrangères | Contrats d Etat | Droit international | Réclamations | ABSTRACT The study of John Williams deals with the issues related to the States’ external financial obligations, or, in other words, the States’ financial commitments to other States or to nationals of other countries. After a presentation of the two categories of debt, the author focuses on Lord Palmerston’s doctrine, Drago’s doctrine, …

An International Legal Framework for Energy (Volume 332)

(32,724 words)

Author(s): A. Fatouros, Arghyrios
A. Fatouros, Arghyrios Keywords: Energy | Legal regime | International law | State contracts | Energy Charter Treaty (Lisbon, 17 December 1994) | Mots clefs: Energie | Régime juridique | Droit international | Contrats d'Etat | Traité de la charte de l'énergie (Lisbonne, 17 décembre 1994) | ABSTRACT Arghyrios A. Fatouros, Professor Emeritus of the University of Athens, presents his course on the international legal framework for energy as an experiment. He aims to determine whether and to what extent it is possible to account in terms of law, …

Arbitration and State Contracts (Volume 374)

(13,840 words)

Author(s): V. M. Struycken, A.
V. M. Struycken, A. Keywords: State contracts | Foreign direct investment | Lex fori | International arbitration | Public international law | International economic relations | International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT Starting with an overview of international economic relations and foreign investments, this course aims to understand State contracts and international arbitration. It shows reflection on two main points that are essential to State contracts in private international law: the la…

Contrats entre États ou entreprises étatiques et personnes privées. Développements récents (Volume 181)

(104,734 words)

Author(s): Lalive, Jean-Flavien
Lalive, Jean-Flavien Keywords: State contracts | Private international law | Mots clefs: Contrats d Etat | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT Jean-Flavien Lalive, Professor at the University of Geneva, does not attempt in this course to establish a general theory of the regime of international contracts or "State contracts", but rather to study, in a pragmatic and concrete way, recent developments and pragmatic solutions to situations that reflect the complex and chaotic nature of modern international economic rel…

Problèmes relatifs aux contrats passés entre un État et un particulier (Volume 128)

(47,868 words)

Author(s): Weil, Prosper
Weil, Prosper Keywords: State contracts | Mots clefs: Contrats d Etat | ABSTRACT In this course, Prosper Weil examines the extent to which contracts concluded between a State and a foreign private person are relevant to public international law. After a first part devoted to the internationalization of contractual problems, the author focuses on the development of international contract law. Dans ce cours, Prosper Weil se propose d'examiner dans quelle mesure les contrats conclus entre un Etat et une personne privée étrangère intéressent le droit interna…

La théorie du contrat d’État et l’évolution du droit international des investissements (Volume 302)

(76,189 words)

Author(s): Leben, Charles
Leben, Charles Keywords: Foreign direct investment | State contracts | Law of contracts | Private international law | International arbitration | Mots clefs: Investissement | Contrats d'Etat | Droit des obligations | Droit international privé | Arbitrage international | ABSTRACT A contract of State, explains Professor Leben, is an official report drawn up between the State and a foreign body with regards to an international economic operation, that generally, but not necessarily, concerns an investment. This matter has evolved conside…

Third Party Judgment and International Economic Transactions (Volume 113)

(40,419 words)

Author(s): M. Spofford, Charles
M. Spofford, Charles Keywords: State contracts | Private international law | Judicial settlement of international disputes | International arbitration | Mots clefs: Contrats d'Etat | Droit international privé | Règlement judiciaire des différends internationaux | Arbitrage international | ABSTRACT Charles M. Spofford focuses in this course on economic transactions involving a State acting as such and a private party. After a presentation of the impact of contemporary developments (1964) in the field, the author focuses on institution…