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Le régime des concessions étrangères en Chine (Volume 27)

(50,249 words)

Author(s): Escarra, Jean
Escarra, Jean Keywords: China | Aliens | Concessions | Territory | Leasing | Mots clefs: Chine | Etrangers | Concessions | Territoire | Baux | ABSTRACT The conditions of residence of foreigners in China at the time of writing the course are one of the remarkable features of China's international position. Jean Escarra explains that, apart from missionaries, beneficiaries of a special regime, diplomatic and consular agents, and various other official, civil or military personalities, the foreigners who wish to settle in C…

Notions de territoire et d’espace dans l’aménagement des rapports internationaux contemporains (Volume 157)

(24,514 words)

Author(s): de La Pradelle, Paul
de La Pradelle, Paul Keywords: Sea | Space | Territory | Mots clefs: Espace maritime | Espace cosmique | Territoire | ABSTRACT Paul de La Pradelle, Honorary Professor at the Law School of Aix-Marseille, notes that territory-space conflicts, or territorial and spatial interests, concern complex situations to which actors and factors are difficult to find the solutions. In the introduction, the author recalls the fundamental principles generally accepted as being capable of establishing the respective definitions of th…

Les frontières, limites et délimitations internationales — Quelle importance aujourd’hui? Conférence inaugurale, session de droit international public, 2013 (Volume 368)

(11,845 words)

Author(s): Caflisch, Lucius
Caflisch, Lucius Keywords: BordeMaritime boundaries | Delimitation | Territorial sovereignty | Territory | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT The forms taken by international sharing lines have different objectives, characteristics, and purposes. Besides the political boundaries itself, there is a cluster of lines with the most varied functions: the limits of marine or aerial space; lines separating the marine areas under jurisdiction of States whose coasts face each other or adjacent to each other; lines identifying the are…

Les problèmes territoriaux dans la jurisprudence de la Cour internationale de Justice (Volume 107)

(44,127 words)

Author(s): Bastid, Suzanne
Bastid, Suzanne Keywords: International Court of Justice | Territory | Borders | Delimitation | Mots clefs: Cour internationale de Justice | Territoire | Frontières | Délimitation | ABSTRACT The aim of Suzanne Bastid’s course is to study the judgments and opinions of the International Court of Justice concerning territorial problems with the exception of the problems related to the International Law of the Sea. The author successively examines the cases in which the scope of the territorial sovereignty of the State was def…

La nature juridique du territoire (Volume 30)

(38,799 words)

Author(s): Schoenborn, W.
Schoenborn, W. Keywords: Territory | International law | Borde | Mots clefs: Territoire | Droit international | Frontières | ABSTRACT Walter Schoenborn studies, in his course on the Legal Nature of the Territory, three groups of issues: the interpretations of the legal nature of the territory of the State which prevailed in the main periods of the development of the law of nations; the legal interpretation of the concept of "territory of the State", and the development of conceptions related to the boundaries of th…