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La propriété intellectuelle en droit international privé (Volume 335)

(164,420 words)

Author(s): Moura Vicente, Dário
Moura Vicente, Dário Keywords: Intellectual property | Private international law | Industrial property | Unification of law | Rights relating to literary and artistic works | Unfair competition | Dispute resolution | European Union | Mots clefs: Propriété intellectuelle | Droit international privé | Propriété industrielle et scientifique | Unification du droit | Propriété litteraire et artistique | Concurrence déloyale | Règlement de litiges d'ordre juridique | Union européenne | ABSTRACT The study conducted by Dario Moura Vicente, Professor at the University of Li…

Les effets de commerce en droit international (Volume 8)

(25,370 words)

Author(s): K. Kuhn, Arthur
K. Kuhn, Arthur Keywords: Effets négociables | Unification of law | Mots clefs: Titres négociables | Unification du droit | ABSTRACT After a general presentation of bills of exchange in international trade, Arthur Kuhn presents the main problems raised in international trade by the conflict of laws related to bills of exchange. He then studies the Hague Convention on Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes. The author then focuses on the positive provisions of the Uniform Rules, then to the draft elaborated at the Ha…

Agency: Unification of Material Law and of Conflict Rules (Volume 184)

(62,726 words)

Author(s): Moursi Badr, Gamal
Moursi Badr, Gamal Keywords: Agency | Private law | Unification of law | Mots clefs: Représentation | Droit privé | Unification du droit | ABSTRACT In his course on the agency, Gamal Moursi Badr presents the results obtained by the unification of the material rules on the agency and by the establishment of uniform and specific rules of conflict of laws in agency. Previously, he identified the "problem areas" in the substantive law relating to the agency and the solutions proposed by the conflict of laws. In order to ens…

L’harmonisation du droit international privé de la faillite (Volume 230)

(31,090 words)

Author(s): Volken, Paul
Volken, Paul Keywords: Insolvency law | Private international law | Unification of law | Insolvency | Mots clefs: Droit de la faillite | Droit international privé | Unification du droit | Faillite | ABSTRACT According to Paul Volken, Professor at the University of Fribourg, three reasons justify a new presentation of international bankruptcy law within the Academy: the European Convention held on 5 June 1990 on certain international aspects of the bankruptcy law, the tendency within the European Communities to resume the Communi…

Les rapports entre droit uniforme et droit international privé (Volume 116)

(30,714 words)

Author(s): Malintoppi, Antonio
Malintoppi, Antonio Keywords: Private international law | Unification of law | Mots clefs: Droit international privé | Unification du droit | ABSTRACT Antonio Malintoppi puts forward a hypothesis that it is very likely that the emergence of situations of potential conflicts of law more frequently in a given field almost always leads to the search for other normative solutions through international conventions of uniform law. At one stage, the development becomes an essential factor in determining the international le…

Divers aspects de l’unification du droit international privé, spécialement en matière de successions (Volume 104)

(37,211 words)

Author(s): E. Von Overbec, Alfred
E. Von Overbec, Alfred Keywords: Estate | Private international law | Unification of law | Mots clefs: Successions | Droit international privé | Unification du droit | ABSTRACT Alfred von Overbeck begins his course with some general observations on the unification of private international law, and then on the private international law of succession by studying the prospects for the unification of substantive conflict rules. Finally, he examines an aspect of the law of Succession, which has already been the subject of an international convention: the form of wills. Alfred von Overbec…

Introduction à l’étude systématique du droit uniforme (Volume 91)

(18,964 words)

Author(s): Mario Matteucci, M.
Mario Matteucci, M. Keywords: Unification of law | Mots clefs: Unification du droit | ABSTRACT Mario Matteucci devotes his course to the analysis of the fundamental problems related to the unification of law in order to contribute to the construction of a general theory of uniform law. The author begins by presenting the concept of uniform law and its historical evolution. The author then presents the subject of the uniform law and its elaboration, discusses the application of uniform law (its interpretation, …