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Le statut international du Rhin (Volume 28)

(41,686 words)

Author(s): Hostie, Jean
Hostie, Jean Keywords: Rhine River | International status | Water | Mots clefs: Rhin | Statut international | ABSTRACT After general considerations on the regime of the International Rivers, Jean Hostie presents the physical constitution of the Rhine network and the economic role of the Rhine network. The author then studies the origins and development of the statute of the Rhine and the sources of the present statute. The author discusses the issues of the waterway (the problem of construction) and the exploitati…

Le régime international du Danube (Volume 011)

(29,228 words)

Author(s): Blociszewski, J.
Blociszewski, J. Keywords: Danube River | International regime | Water | Mots clefs: Régime international | ABSTRACT J. Blociszewski points out in the introduction to his course that the Danube is, after the Volga, the longest river in Europe. The author examines the international legal regime. After the presentation of general concepts, the author presents the Danube regime as it has emerged from the end of the 18th century to the Crimean War. The author focuses on the Treaty of Paris of 30 March 1856 and its e…

Principes généraux du droit fluvial international (Volume 45)

(48,303 words)

Author(s): Winiarski, Bohdan
Winiarski, Bohdan Keywords: RiveInternational law | Legal principles | Water | Mots clefs: Fleuves | Droit international | Principes de droit | ABSTRACT The international river law can be defined as the set of legal rules that determine the international position of the rivers or – which amounts to the same thing – that govern the relations between States with regard to the rivers. Bohdan Winiarski says that, as can be seen by this definition, the river law is by no means an autonomous law; it is just a branch, and ev…

The Régime of Boundary Waters — the Canadian-United States Experience (Volume 146)

(40,471 words)

Author(s): Cohen, Maxwell
Cohen, Maxwell Keywords: Canada | United States of America | Great Lakes | Boundary wateInternational watercourses | Water | Shared natural resources | International regime | Mots clefs: Canada | Etats-Unis d’Amérique | Cours d eau frontières | Lacs (Grands) | ABSTRACT Maxwell Cohen, Professor at Mc Gill University, notes that the importance of study of international rivers in public international law comes from the geophysical reality that rivers impose on peoples, and artificial political divisions that cut off rivers or create divisi…

The Evolution Of International Water Law (Volume 331)

(88,093 words)

Author(s): Brown Weiss, Edith
Brown Weiss, Edith Keywords: International watercourses | Water | Shared natural resources | Conventions | Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses (New York, 21 May 1997) | International dispute settlement | Human rights | International trade | World Trade Organization | General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade | International trade | Mots clefs: Cours d'eau internationaux | Eau | Ressources naturelles partagées | conventions | Convention sur le droit relatif aux utilisations des cours d'eau internationaux à des fins autres q…

L'utilisation industrielle des fleuves internationaux (Volume 83)

(39,535 words)

Author(s): Sauser-Hall, Georges
Sauser-Hall, Georges Keywords: International watercourses | Water | Mots clefs: Cours d eau internationaux | C2001b | ABSTRACT After an introduction to the difficulty in finding general rules in the field of the industrial use of international rivers, Georges Sauser-Hall presents the legal status of rivers in domestic law. He then presents the principles applicable to the industrial use of international rivers, the rights of States over the driving force of international rivers, and the issues of treaties and hydraulic concessions. Après une introduction dans laquelle il pré…

Les canaux internationaux et les grandes routes maritimes mondiales (Volume 74)

(21,434 words)

Author(s): Siegfried, André
Siegfried, André Keywords: International canals | Panama Canal | Suez Canal | Water | Mots clefs: Canaux internationaux | Canal de Panama | Canal de Suez | ABSTRACT Andre Siegfried writes in the introduction to his course that the question of world roads has become essential for the understanding of modern wars and their preparation. The author successively studies the route of the Cape of Good Hope, the Suez Canal, and the Panama Canal. In conclusion, Andre Siegfried presents a general view of the Shipping routes of the world in their relations with Western civilization. La question des …

Règles générales du droit des cours d’eau internationaux (Volume 219)

(79,919 words)

Author(s): Caflisch, Lucius
Caflisch, Lucius Keywords: International watercourses | Water | Mots clefs: Cours d eau internationaux | ABSTRACT In his introduction to the course, Lucius Caflish, Professor at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, points out that rivers can have a unifying or separating function. The unifying function implies that the rivers form a natural environment whose management and conservation require common or concerted measures. The separating function implies that deserts, glaciers, or mountain…

Pollution of International Rivers (Volume 186)

(32,683 words)

Author(s): Sette-Camara, José
Sette-Camara, José Keywords: International watercourses | Water pollution | Water | Shared natural resources | Mots clefs: C2001b | ABSTRACT J. Sette-Camara, Vice-President of the International Court of Justice, devotes his course to the pollution of international rivers. After the description of water, rivers, and international rivers, the author makes a presentation about the pollution. He then takes into account the growing awareness of environmental problems, successively studies the international law and inter…

Le régime international de l’Escaut (Volume 21)

(32,708 words)

Author(s): Siotto Pintor, M.
Siotto Pintor, M. Keywords: Scheldt River | International regime | Water | Mots clefs: Escaut | Régime international | ABSTRACT Manfredi Siotto Pintor begins his study of the International Scheldt Regime with a presentation of the essential general data and a historical overview of the problem of freedom of inland navigation. He focuses on the Treaty of Versailles and the Barcelona Act, and then describes the special position of the Scheldt, the issues it raises and the position as it appeared in 1928. Manfredi Siotto Pintor commence son étude du régime international de l'Esca…

Les problèmes du droit international privé fluvial (Volume 127)

(37,091 words)

Author(s): Koutikov, Vladimir
Koutikov, Vladimir Keywords: Inland navigation | Private international law | International watercourses | Exploitation | Water | Mots clefs: Navigation intérieure | Droit international privé | Cours d'eau internationaux | Exploitation | ABSTRACT The main task that Vladimir Koutikov assigns to his course is to systematically present the current aspect and, if possible, the prospects for the future evolution of the main problems of international private river law. He successively examines the sources of international private rive…