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La théorie de l’autonomie de la volonté (Volume 16)

(45,530 words)

Author(s): Niboyet, J.-P.
Niboyet, J.-P. Keywords: Will | Autonomy | Law of contracts | Private international law | Mots clefs: Volonté | Autonomie | Droit des obligations | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT J.-P. Niboyet writes in the introduction to his course that without any exaggeration one can consider that the Theory of Party Autonomy is currently the most difficult of all private international law. Party Autonomy is commonly understood to mean the power of the parties to choose the competent law in matters of contracts, a law which is neve…

L’autonomie de la volonté en droit international privé: un principe universel entre libéralisme et étatisme (Volume 359)

(80,521 words)

Author(s): Kohler, Christian
Kohler, Christian Keywords: Will | Autonomy | Private international law | Choice of law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT Since the beginning of the century, the autonomy of the will in private international law has been influenced by two opposing trends. In commercial relations, particularly in contractual matters, a certain "return of the State" is observed. At the same time, the will of individuals is increasingly taken into account in cross-border situations. In this course, Christian Kohler provides an overview of the …

La volonté de l’État en droit international (Volume 310)

(159,395 words)

Author(s): Kamto, Maurice
Kamto, Maurice Keywords: States | Will | Public international law | Mots clefs: Etats | Volonté | Droit international public | ABSTRACT In his general course on public international law, Maurice Kamto, Professor at the University of Yaoundé II, presents a detailed study of the will of the State in public international law. After a thorough review of the concepts of State and will in international legal thinking, Professor Kamto observes that, contrary to the claim of the followers of the radical and exclusivist volun…

La volonté des parties en droit international privé (Volume 137)

(76,756 words)

Author(s): Curti Gialdino, A.
Curti Gialdino, A. Keywords: Will | Law of contracts | Private international law | Contrats de développement | Mots clefs: Volonté | Droit des obligations | Droit international privé | Economic development agreement | ABSTRACT A. Curti Gialdino, Professor at the Faculty of Law of Perugia, devotes the course to the Will of the Parties in Private International Law and presents a normative basis of psychological connection in the first chapter. He studies the ratio of the conflict rule considering psychological attachment, then the …