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SEG 31-1657. The mouseion in Alexandria.

(204 words)

Author(s): Pleket, H.W. | Stroud, R.S.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry N. Lewis, in: L. Casson - M. Price (edd.), Coins, Culture and History in the Ancient World. Numismatic and other studies in honor of Bluma L. Trell (Detroit 1981) 149-166, presents a prosopography of …

SEG 53-1464. Hierapolis. Honorary inscription for C. Memmius Eutychus, 211 (or 213)-217A.D.

(991 words)

Author(s): Chaniotis, A. | Corsten, T. | Stroud, R.S. | Tybout, R.A.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry White marble altar with mouldings, re-used in a late wall of the southern part of the city. T.Ritti, Epigraphica --- Guarducci 177-215 (ph.); text and French translation in Αη.Éρ. (2003) [2006] no…

SEG 32-1669. Politics and Sophists.

(181 words)

Author(s): Pleket, H.W. | Stroud, R.S.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry Cf. E.L. Bowie, YCS 27 (1982) 29-59, for a detailed discussion of the importance of sophists in the political life and culture of the imperial Greek cities: sophists as ambas…

SEG 43-961. Side. Corpus.

(1,014 words)

Author(s): Pleket, H.W. | Stroud, R.S. | Strubbe, J.H.M.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry Cf. J.Nollé, Side im Altertum. Geschichte und Zeugnisse, Band I (IGSK 43; Bonn 1993). The bulk of this volume, the first of a series of four, is devoted to a description of the geog…

Selected Topics (a)

(11,328 words)

Author(s): Editorial Board,
Selected Topics abacus Abai abax Abbaeite Mysians abbess abbreviated writing abbreviation abbreviation abbreviated name abbreviation abbreviation mark/sign abbreviation abbreviation sign abbreviation: abbreviation sign abbr…

SEG 38-1180. Ephesos. Letter of Caracalla to the Ephesians, 203 A.D.

(107 words)

Author(s): Pleket, H.W. | Stroud, R.S.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry I.Eph, 2026. Cf. T. Ritti, MGR 13 ( 1988 ) , 96—98 , for comment on the ab epistulis Αἴλιος ’Αντίπατρος (LL. 19-20). Entry metadata SEG entry SEG 38 1180 Publication year 1988 Type epigraphical Inscription iSEG…

Important Words (a)

(174 words)

Author(s): Editorial Board,
Important Words ab epistulis ab epistulis Graecis abundantia acceptus accipio: iudicium accipere a commentariis actio actio: sequitur forum delicti/rei actor adceptus/a in somno adfectio adiudicare adiutor tabularii adlectio adl…