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SEG 48-1880. Caesarea Maritima. Various inscriptions.

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Author(s): Chaniotis, A. | Pleket, H.W. | Stroud, R.S. | Strubbe, J.H.M.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry K.G.Holum, ‘ Identity and the Late Antique City: The Case of Caesarea’ in H.Lapin (ed.), op.cit. (cf. SEG 48 1878) 157-177, on 164-166 adduces some old and new inscriptions pertaining to pers…

Selected Topics (p)

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Author(s): Editorial Board,
Selected Topics Paccius Maximus Paccius Silvanus Antiquus, M. pacification Paconii pactio (between city and publicani) Pactumeii paedagogus (non-slave!) Paestum Pagai (choregoi) pagan images/formulas in Christian, Christi…

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Author(s): Editorial Board,
Important Words pacator paeanistae paedagogus/-a pagus palatinus panna pantomimus parasiti Apollinis parentes pars pascua perpetua passus millia passuum pater pater pater patriae pater: pater patriae pater patriae pater synagog…