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Warad-Sin (2.101B)

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Contributor(s): Hallo, William W.
Subject: Monumental Inscriptions from the Biblical World; Akkadian Monumental Inscriptions; Building and Display Inscriptions; Early Old Babylonian Inscriptions Commentary Kudur-mabuk’s construction of the throne of the god Nanna of Ur for his son Warad-Sin is known from two Sumerian school tablet copies found in Sir Leonard Woolley’s excavations at Ur. The deed was commemorated in the name of the sixth year of Warad-Sin. The two protective genie (Sumerian lamma) described in lines 68–75 of this text as protecting the god Nanna’s throne may be compared with the Hebrew cherubim who …

Kub 38.2 (Bildbeschr. Text 1) (3.35)

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Contributor(s): Hallo, William W.
Subject: Archival Documents from the Biblical World; Hittite Archival Documents; Accounts; Cult Image Descriptions Kub 38.2 (Bildbeschr. Text 1) (3.35) Subject: Exod 25:20; 37:9; 6:23–28; 8:6–7; Isa 6:1–2 (i.7–20) IŠTAR (Šauška) [a cult-image …] seated; from (her) shoulders [wings protrude;] in (her) right hand [she holds] a gold cup; [in her left hand] she holds a gold (hieroglyphic sign for) “Good (ness).”1 […] Below her is a silver-plated base. [Under] the base lies a silver-plated awiti-animal.2 To the right [and left] of the awiti-animal’s wings a stand Ninatta and Ku…