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Ishbi-Erra (2.92)

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Author(s): Frayne, Douglas
Subject: Monumental Inscriptions from the Biblical World; Akkadian Monumental Inscriptions; Building and Display Inscriptions; Early Old Babylonian Inscriptions Commentary Ishbi-Erra, the first king of the Isin Dynasty, reigned ca. 2017–1985 bce. A Sumerian royal inscription known from a contemporary tablet copy from Nippur records the fabrication by the king of a lyre for the god Enlil of Nippur. Ishbi-Erra (2.92) Subject: Pss 33:2; 43:4; 49:4; 57:8; 71:22; 81:2; 92:3; 98:5; 108:2; 137:2; 147:7; 149:3 ( 1–3) For the god Enlil, lord of the foreign lands, his lord, ( 4–6) Ishbi-Err[…