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German War Plans against Denmark 1916–1918

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Author(s): Paulin, C.
Paulin, C. - German War Plans against Denmark 1916–1918 Keywords: bureaucratic quarrels | Denmark | German war plans ISFWWS-Keywords: Germany | Scandinavia | The Military and Naval War | Politics | Naval Warfare | Britain | International Relations during the War Abstract: This chapter firstly uncovers wie es eigentlich gewesen regarding the planning and the German-Danish foreign policy relations. Secondly, it explores why the plans did not materialize. Historical analysis often runs the risk of getting deterministic because it i…

Geographical Index

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Contributor(s): Amersfoort, Herman | Klinkert, Wim
Amersfoort, Herman; Klinkert, Wim - Geographical Index Keywords: Denmark | Netherland | Total War Abstract: This index section presents the list of geographical terms that occur in this book titled Small Powers in the Age of Total War, 1900-1940. In the period 1900-1940 the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland reacted in divergent ways to the same foreign military threats. The authors of the book argue that their internal politics and politico-military strategic culture are vital keys to understanding those differences. Small Powers in the Age of Tota…