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Dawn and Dusk (1.87)

(12,707 words)

Author(s): Pardee, Dennis
Subject: Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World; West Semitic Canonical Compositions; Divine Focus; Ugaritic Myths Commentary The text recounting the birth of the double deity Šaḥru-wa-Šalimu, “Dawn and Dusk,” constitutes one of the most important of the texts discovered during the early years of excavations at Ras Shamra and which stand outside the principal cycles of texts (Baʿlu, Kirta, and ʾAqhatu). The text is inscribed on a single tablet, discovered during the second campaign in the building lo…

Counsel For Zimri-Lim About Preparations For Campaign (FM 2.116) (4.60)

(1,041 words)

Author(s): Miglio, Adam E.
Commentary Subject: Num 31:9–11; Deut 2:35; Judg 5:30 Sumu-hadu was a governor ( šāpitum) who had served during the reign of Yasmah-Addu. After Yasmah-Addu’s reign was over, however, Sumu-hadu swore a loyalty oath to Zimri-Lim, the new king at Mari.1 In this letter, Sumu-hadu wrote to Zimri-Lim about preparing for a campaign to Shubat-Enlil, the capital where Shamshi-Adad had resided. According to Sumu-hadu, Turum-natki, the king of Apum, supported Zimri-Lim’s campaign (cf. ARM 10.5 [4.61]). Sumu-hadu planned to have the mobile pastoralists from the Yamina assemble …