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Report On A Skirmish In The Beqaʿ Valley (A.3552) (4.50)

(622 words)

Author(s): Miglio, Adam E.
Commentary Subject: Judg 9:52–54 The military leader Muti-bisir wrote this letter to Yasmah-Addu, the king at Mari. Muti-bisir, much like Mashum and Sin-tiri (cf. ARM 2.131 [4.48]), had encamped across from a city in which there were enemy troops. In the case of Muti-bisir, however, he was installed at nearby Rahizum, which was far from Mari, being located in the upper Beqaʿ Valley.1 In fact, Muti-bisir reported that the troops opposing him at Rahizum included Canaanites as well as ḫabbātū. The land of Canaan is the western-most geo-political horizon named in the letters f…