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Contributor(s): Jones, Heather | Schmidt-Supprian, Christoph | O’Brien, Jennifer
Jones, Heather; O’Brien, Jennifer; Schmidt-Supprian, Christoph -Index Keywords: civic identity | combat | First World War | juvenile delinquency | occupation | untold war Abstract: This index section presents list of terms that occur in the book Untold War: New Perspectives in First World War Studies. The book covers diverse themes such as combat, occupation, civic identity, juvenile delinquency, chaplains, art and remembrance, across a wide range of societies, including Germany, France, Britain, German colonial Africa, Belgium and Romania. Untold War

Introduction: Untold War

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Author(s): Jones, Heather | O’Brien, Jennifer | Schmidt-Supprian, Christoph
Jones, Heather; O’Brien, Jennifer; Schmidt-Supprian, Christoph -Introduction: Untold War Keywords: civic identity | Germany | wars ISFWWS-Keywords: General | Origins and Pre-war | Legacy | Society | Culture | Violence against civilians | Politics | Peacemaking and Continued Conflict Abstract: This introductory chapter of the book focuses on a series of 'wars' each with their own very different relationship to the traditional, historical paradigm of the Western Front fulcrum. The book explores combat in terms of how it …