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A Neutral Country

(3,597 words)

Author(s): Wolf, Susanne
Wolf, Susanne - A Neutral Country Keywords: First World War | Holland | military internees | neutrality | refugees Abstract: As a neutral nation, Holland had an obligation to intern any soldiers from the belligerent forces that crossed its border and prevent them from reentering the war. The Dutch were not combatants in this new global war but they were certainly not unaffected by it. The impact of the war on the Dutch, at all levels, very much influenced their response to the demands plac…

‘Too Good to be True?’ European Hopes for Neutrality before 1914

(13,370 words)

Author(s): Abbenhuis, M. M.
Abbenhuis, M. M. - ‘Too Good to be True?’ European Hopes for Neutrality before 1914 Keywords: Congress of Vienna | European | neutrality | state behaviour ISFWWS-Keywords: Neutral States | Origins and Pre-war | Politics | Scandinavia Abstract: This chapter argues that judging neutrality as a naïve and fl awed foreign policy option in the context of the two world wars misses the point about the relevance of neutrality in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Europe. Within the international system created and sustai…

Name Index

(4,045 words)

Contributor(s): Amersfoort, Herman | Klinkert, Wim
Amersfoort, Herman; Klinkert, Wim - Name Index Keywords: military problem | neutrality | Total War Abstract: This index presents the list of author names that occur in this book titled Small Powers in the Age of Total War, 1900-1940. The collective result of the research of the authors contributing to the book is in fact a strong plea to not only investigate neutrality as a legal concept or the stance of a country in its international relations, but also as a military problem. Small Powers in the Age of Total War, 1900–1940 Herman Amersfoort and Wim Klinkert, (2011) Publication Editor: Brill,…