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Oulad Mansour (Awlād Manṣūr)

(588 words)

Author(s): Andre Levy
Oulad Mansour (Awlād Manṣūr), in the rural hinterland of southern Morocco , is a small cluster of tiny villages situated off the Marrakech-Demnat road. It is part of Sidi Youssef Ben Ali province, in the municipality of Ouhat Sidi Brahim. Until the early twentieth century it was a pastoral community.As in many other villages in Morocco, the Jews lived in a separate Jewish neighborhood called the mallāḥ (mellah). In Oulad Mansour, the mellah was an amalgam of houses in the village of Ksar Tessaout, named after the nearby Oued Tessaout, which empties into Oued Oum er-Rabia.The origins of th…


(2,437 words)

Author(s): Andre Levy | Daniel Schroeter
The city of Casablanca ([al-]Dār al-Bayḍāʾ, Sp. and Ar. white house), Morocco’s principal seaport, was home to the largest Jewish community in the Maghreb in the twentieth century. Situated on the central Atlantic coast, it was known as Anfā in the Middle Ages. During the decline of the Marinid dynasty, its relative autonomy made it a safe haven for corsairs. The Portuguese destroyed the town in 1468 or 1469, and it was only rebuilt in the latter half of the eighteenth century by Sultan Sīdī Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh, who renamed it al-Dār al-Bayḍāʾ. Grain was its principal expor…