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Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior/Neurosis

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Author(s): Beine, Karl-H.
[German Version] Obsessive or compulsive behaviors are characterized by the occurrence of obsessive thoughts and/or acts. In this mental disorder, obsessive thoughts find their way into a person’s conciousness unasked, and cannot be dispelled. They are accompanied by strong feelings of anxiety and fear. In most cases, it is aggressive mental images that keep imposing themselves, or notions concerned with pollution. A typical feature of compulsive behaviors is that the afflicted person feels compel…


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Author(s): Beine, Karl-H.
[German Version] Psychiatry is a medical specialty (Medicine) that deals with the diagnosis, therapy, prevention, and rehabilitation of mental illnesses. These include mental disorders due to physical diseases, illnesses brought about by addictive drugs (Drug and alcohol addiction), schizophrenic and affective disorders (Schizophrenia, Psychosis), neurotic ailments (Neurosis, Depression), personality disorders, and behavioral disorders. Psychiatry is also dedicated to the study and theory of these…


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Author(s): Beine, Karl-H.
[German Version] The term psychosomatics denotes a medico-anthropological way of thinking concerned with prevention, diagnosis, therapy, theory, and research that focuses on complex psychosomatic and somatopsychic interactions in sick individuals (Sickness and healing). It also denotes a subspecialty of medicine that deals with the somatic, psychological, and social facets of ailments. It has consistently been the central concern of psychosomatics to expand the horizons of Western medicine, with its…