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Raven, Charles Earle

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Author(s): Bowler, Peter J.
[German Version] (Jul 4, 1888, London – Jul 7, 1964, Cambridge), was a leading Modernist theologian in the Anglican Church (England, Theology in) who promoted a natural theology based on a liberal interpretation of Christianity and a non-materialistic view of nature. He was ordained in 1909 and served as canon of Liverpool 1924–32 and as Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge from 1932. He wrote popular books on natural history, a biography of the 17th-century naturalist John Ray, and numerous accounts of his own teleological vision of nature and evolution. Peter J. Bowler Bibliograp…


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Author(s): Bowler, Peter J.
[English Version] Raven, Charles Earle (4.7.1888 London – 8.7.1964 Cambridge), führender moderner Theologe in der anglik. Kirche (England, Theologie in). Er vertrat eine natürliche Theologie, die auf einer liberalen Interpretation des Christentums und einer nicht-materialistischen Sicht der Natur aufbaute. 1909 ordiniert, war er 1924–1932 Canon von Liverpool und ab 1932 Regius Prof. of Divinity an der Universität Cambridge. R. schrieb an einen breiten Leserkreis gerichtete Bücher zur Naturkunde, ein…

Darwin, Charles Robert

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Author(s): Bowler, Peter J.
[German Version] (Feb 12, 1809, Shrewsbury, England – Apr 19, 1882, Downe, Kent, England) is known as the author of The Origin of Species (1859), the book which popularized the theory of biological evolution and introduced the evolutionary mechanism of natural selection. Darwin developed the evolution theory following studies of biogeography as a naturalist on the survey-vessel H.M.S. Beagle (1831–1836). Con…